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06 3.0 Windscreen washers - eddiem
I have a problem with blocked screenwashers on my BMW. The dealer tells me that the fluid had turned to jelly and that this is a problem with Halfords fluid. They say that it will not be covered by warranty and since the reservoir is concealed in the wheel-arch it will be quite a job to clear it. Has anyone else had this problem?
06 3.0 Windscreen washers - SpamCan61 {P}
I resolved a similar problem on my Vectra by filling up the reservoir a couple of times with hot ( not boiling) water, which slowly dissolved the gunk.
06 3.0 Windscreen washers - 659FBE
Push a tube into the reservoir as far as you can and syphon out the contents. Flush with hot water and repeat a few times. If necessary, disconnect the tubes at the jets and flush using the washer motor. Last resort - poke out or fit new jets.

Sack the dealer for a sheer lack of common sense and imagination. I wouldn't want anyone as dim as that working on a car of mine.

06 3.0 Windscreen washers - eddiem
Thanks very much for the responses - I'll certainly have a go with the hot water flushing.eddiem
06 3.0 Windscreen washers - Altea Ego
I would ask the service manager to put down in writing that "halfords screen wash has a problem and turns to jelly" and ask for a quote to fix it. Tell him you need this to pursue a claim against halfords to repair it

A: i bet he wouldnt
B: he might even suddenly find a way to fix it.
06 3.0 Windscreen washers - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
What utter nonsense. Sounds like they are trying to make some money out of you.
I've used Halfords screen wash for decades and it has been fine, even cleaned out some VW fan jets that were blocking up when I used another 'H' brand concentrate.
06 3.0 Windscreen washers - Dr Dave
It is actually a common problem with the E90.

All BMW say is "Use our additive"

Like the idea of getting written confirmation of the cause and persuing Halfords for the damages! I wonder if anything would be forthcoming from the dealer????

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