Haynes' manuals - Adrian
Does anyone collect or re-distribute redundant Haynes' manuals?
Re: Haynes' manuals - Harry
I live down the road from the printers. They have a shop at the factory where they sell off out of print / end of run copies. Give them a bell.

They also have a motor museum and track by the way, so if you're ever in Somerset...
Re: Haynes' manuals - jonathan
Most local libraries would be grateful for old haynes manuals

i understand that the grey fraternity are particularly fond of the honda accord mk2.
Re: Haynes' manuals - honest john
You will usually find a few dealers in these at classic car events and autojumbles throughout the summer. Check what's coming up in magazines like Classic Car Weekly and Practical Classics and keep an eye on your local newspaper.

Re: Haynes' manuals - Andrew Hamilton
I keep mine as fond memories of the cars I owned...
Re: Haynes' manuals - Tim Allcott
I do as Andrew does (aren't we sentimental?) They can also be a good indicator of what goes wrong on cars : Just look for the sections with the oily fingerprints!
Charity shop stock. - David Woollard
Looking at the small town charity shops often produces the goods. The success rate around here for cars over ten years old is very good. Hillman Avenger ones are slow to sell though.

I often pick up the odd one for cast iron classics (2CV, Mini, Rover 2000 or similar)) but the loft joists are groaning.

There are often dealers stalls with a huge Haynes stock at the classic car auctions held at Wood Green Animal Centre, Godmanchester, Cambs.

Re: Haynes' manuals - RobinP
Help! Does Anybody produce a manual for 1989 F'reg Honda Integra EX 1.6i ?
I've heard not sufficient were sold in the U.K. to warrent Haynes producing one
Can anyone help? -- Robin (remove NO-SPAM to reply ;-)

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