short term breakdown cover - wd 40
I'm getting a new car at the end of the month :-)))

My old car has gone away, thankfully, and i've got the use of a Focus for a couple of weeks. I want to arrange short term breakdown/recovery, as I have a couple of important trips to make

Who do the team recommend ? I'm guessing I'm going to have to take out a 12 month contract then cancel it, so I want to avoid anybody who makes this difficult .
short term breakdown cover - Falkirk Bairn
Buying breakdown cover is usually 12 mth contract - even if you pay monthly.

In buying the contract you have 14 days to cancel - if no call outs you get your money back. If you use the service then you will not get any money back - the full 12 mth bill will be payable.

Remember to read the small print b4 you buy!
short term breakdown cover - bell boy
sounds like using a blunt instrument to me to gain pecunary advantage
short term breakdown cover - VR6
Total petrol stations give you free 14 day breakdown cover with every £30 of fuel purchased. Not sure what it covers, or the process of obtaining the cover. [www_total_co_uk]
short term breakdown cover - piston power
AA covers you not the car so if you leave it at 12 months cover and your in someone else's car you can get them out to that to get you on your way, plus if you have a accident they tow the car away plus many other benfits and not a bad price really.

Been with them for 20 years a tow truck will cost hell of a lot more.