Decent garage for servicing - farmerboyce
I have a Colt and looking at getting it serviced. The dealer I got it from is messing me aroudn and quoted me £290 for a service but can't tell me what needs done for it? They can't even agree if it's a major or a minor service.
SO... I'm looking at having a local independent garage do the work but struggling to find one. Because it's a Mitsu I can't find any local specialists and the mechanic I normally use isn't VAT registered which I would need for the warranty.
I phoned around a couple and was given wildly varying prices from £150 to £220+Vat
I am likely to have a warranty claim for rust on the car (it's not even 3 yet!!!) so want to keep myself right, but can't get the dealer to get his backsied in gear to sort this and have called Mitsu and had the same attitutde :(
Can anyone recommend a garage in the Glasgow area that WILL do the work req'd and will use quality parts? I had one who said he would but that he wouldn;t keep receipts but could provide an invoice number for Mitsu if need be. Kinda suspicious of this, but he did soudn like he knew his stuff, as I phoned others who were really vague. I got his name from the good garage scheme which I know is a bit dubious but his site seems ok and they sounded quite professional.
Sorry to blab on but been ripped off so many times by garages and would be good just to get a decent one I can rely on...
Decent garage for servicing - L'escargot
...... but can't tell
me what needs done for it? They can't even agree if it's a major or
a minor service.

Your car's Owners Guide should tell you all you need to know about what is required.
Decent garage for servicing - Simon
Can you not try your next nearest Mitsubishi dealer?
Decent garage for servicing - bell boy
why not just speak to Joe O’Donnell
Chairman and Managing Director of your local dealership for your marque?
he is there to help
Decent garage for servicing - klystron
Check out the Mitsubishi service plans Farmerb.

3yrs servicing for £225, and if you check the terms and conditions it should still be available to you I think.