03 1.9 Violent shuddering from clutch - David Horn
VW Passat 1.9 TDI, with 105000 miles on the clock and original clutch. When pulling away on slipperly surfaces (all the lanes round here are covered in leaves) such that the traction control is needed, there is a violent shuddering transmitted through the clutch pedal and in fact through the whole car.

There is no problem if the car is moving and the TCS kicks in, and there is a small amount of shudder when pulling away on slopes (very occasionally enough to stall the engine).

Has anyone seen these symptoms before? The clutch isn't slipping, although I suppose it could potentially be nearing replacement age.
03 1.9 Violent shuddering from clutch - Peter D
I fgear this may be a failed Dual Mass Flywheel so you can expect a large bill to put this right. £800 plus and fitting. Regards Peter
03 1.9 Violent shuddering from clutch - dimdip
Could it poss be a duff engine mount?
03 1.9 Violent shuddering from clutch - mark
Hello David

If its the DMF the a LUKS or Sachs full DMF kit is available from Eurocarparts for between £250 and £280, add a full OEM clutch kit from there or GSF for about £115 or £120 and all you need is a good independant to fit it.

It will work out nowhere near £800

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