05 2.8 Torque converter recall woes. - Newlyn Jethro
My '05 Jeep Cherokee diesel with 40,000 mile owned by me since new was recently recalled by my dealer as they thought the torque converter needed replacing under a warranty recall. After much scratching of heads on inspecting the vehicle they decided it needed a new one. The first attempt to fit one failed and they blamed duff parts sent by Jeep UK .(if it still exists) More parts were ordered and the work completed. After using the vehicle for less than 200 miles the transmission temp warning light came on and the vehicle remained locked in second. I had the vehicle towed to my dealer, and the service personnel verbally agreed it was probably something to do with the recall work.
They contacted Jeep UK who were most unsympathetic and who consider it quite normal for a 40,000 mile gearbox (never done any towing) to fail. With this information the service dept changed their tune, saying the oil in the gearbox was burnt, there was metal debris in the gearbox and the 'touch pads' were totally worn. They also claimed that the vehicle had done over 700 miles after the work which was nonsense, and seems to me like they're rowing for the shore. My options from them were £3,500 for a new gearbox or me find a second hand one (they're about £800 and £600 for the fitting.
What I'd like to know and can't seem to find and answer to is:
If the torque converter replacement was done incorrectly could it within a couple of hundred miles have wrecked my gearbox? As I understand it the converter is a clutch mechanism on an automatic diesel vehicle. If the vehicle was incorrectly calibrated (chipped?) after the work could this have been a factor.
Apologies for not having great technical knowledge about this, but I think I've had poor service here and the wool's being pulled over my eyes.
Any thoughts or advive much appreciated.
05 2.8 Torque converter recall woes. - MerlinTec
What fault codes do you have? What part of the recall did they do as there are two parts to this recall.
05 2.8 Torque converter recall woes. - Newlyn Jethro
Hi ,
I didn't get any paperwork after the recall work, but I think the service guy said it was a Type 46? recall. I know when they did the diagnostics on the 'box after the failure they said there were several fault codes. Don't know any more.

05 2.8 Torque converter recall woes. - MerlinTec
Did they flash the ECM and TCM? There should be a label under the bonnet if they did. The recall should of been the an F37 a search may show up full info on this. The recall can be just the torque converter or also the oil pump. But in both cases the software updates must be done to stop damage to the gearbox. If they have done there job correctly and the torque converter or the oil pump was the course of failure then Jeep are correct and don't think you have any comeback.
Have no idea what a 46 is.

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