Quality of car finish. - Old Navy
Does anyone know if the manufacturers have different grades of finish, I assume they have specialist bodywork people.

Something like:-

1. Car show.
2. Press fleet.
3. Showroom.
4. Joe public.

These grades are my invention.
Quality of car finish. - bell boy
some manufacturers have certainly perfected the orange peel effect
a certain manufacturer has perfected the technique of getting primer/basecoat/lacquer so thin you darent wash the things
is that any help
Quality of car finish. - DP
I'm not sure about different finishes for different environments, but this is the one piece of evidence of "VW quality" I can find on our mkIV Golf. The paint is just superb. A real pleasure to wash, wax and polish. Even after 6 years of weathering, it polishes up as new. Lovely thick paint, even application of lacquer and no hint of any flattening, orange peel, or haze on the finish. The best paintwork I have seen on any car I've owned in recent memory.

Quality of car finish. - Old Navy
I was thinking along the lines of are cars pulled off the end of the production line and put through a preparation process before shows, sponsorship placement, VIP sales, press road tests, etc, and results in a better standard of finish than Joe public gets.

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Quality of car finish. - bell boy
i dont think so, im sure the cars are basic standard joe public this is what we sell quality

ps do you know how to stop a nose growing?
Quality of car finish. - gordonbennet
Thats the one thing that really annoys me about the pick up...you only have to look at it in an odd way for another scratch to appear, and i can see it going to my handy little chap in a few years for a proper coat of paint.

As for orange peel, it's the norm now.

It's enlightening being under so many to see where topside colour stops and primer/undercoat rules.

I'm not sure anybody's bothered about poor finish, many people seem to leave their cars until they sell them before cleaning or polishing or getting the dents fixed...bit like houses where folk live with worn carpets etc and fit new ones to sell the place...bizarre way of life where monetary value is all.
Quality of car finish. - k9dan
just picked up a new Octavia, very good paint finish. I've brought it up really nice, first using a clay bar. I wasn't going to as it was new, but I couldn't belive the dirt it drew out of the paint. Then gave it 3 coats of car-lack 68 acrylic paint sealer. Very nice now an the shine looks about 3 foot deep. Ready for winter now.
Quality of car finish. - Altea Ego
I am astounded by the quality of the paint on the Altea. Its had 40k very hard miles. Been washed 4 times.

When It arrived there was clearly a complete absence of orange peel anywhere, and the pain finish looked and felt as tho it was unifrom in depth all the way over.

It now has one chip on the bonnet, no rust. No scratches have appeared where the primer shows. A good shower of rain seems to wash the dirt off. I know if I wash it - it will gloeam without the use of any wax.

My congrats to rodriquez the robot that sprayed it.
Quality of car finish. - BobbyG
Probably have to disagree with you on the Altea. I have 3 scratches down the side but I think they were made by bobbyg junior trying to get past the car with his bike (of course he denys it).

However at various points on the car, like the A pillar , I have dulling paintwork, almost like grease marks but no amount of polishing or rubbing will remove them. But its not under the lacquer, there is no break in the paintwork - very strange.

The chrome effect roofrails show up every tiny scratch that you may accidentally do when putting the roof bars on.

And mine has been washed far more often than yours (spot who has the company car) !!
Quality of car finish. - Lud
mine has been washed far more often than yours

Nothing like a good coating of filth to preserve the finish. You have cleaned the surface off Bobby.
Quality of car finish. - Bagpuss
The quality of the bodywork on my last 5 Series amazed me. At 140,000km the metallic black paint shone like new after a trip through the car wash, with no marks apart from stone chips at the front as evidence of a hard life being thrashed up and down the autobahns. I got caught in a mega hail storm last summer. Hailstones the size of Chicken McNuggets for 30 minutes and I really expected the car to look like a golf ball afterwards. In fact there was not a trace to be seen, though it effectively got rid of all the dead flies.
Quality of car finish. - stunorthants26
Ive found the paint on a silver 56 plate 5 Series I clean seems to get very scratched and needs a good polish to keep its gloss. Staying with the german theme, the paint on the latest C-Class seems excellent. Also impressed by paint on the Grande Punto. Minis seem to be in the same camp as the BMWs which isnt a suprise given the links.

A very mixed bag really.
Quality of car finish. - OmNo
I looked at a new avensis in the show room and was amazed at the quality of paint finish. Honda paint can be very thin I believe and was also told by a very reputable body shop - fully approved by all the prestige brands (Bentley, RR, Lambo, Porsche etc) that they have most trouble matching Land Rover paint because it is so thin out of the factory - as soon as they put a couple of decent coats on a panel it looks much deeper and than the rest of the car. I know MB use nano-technology what ever that is but it is supposed to be better at resisting scratches.
Quality of car finish. - merlin
BMW have (had?) option codes that suggest something is done differently. The following look interesting:

901 Simplified Special Controls - Press Car
902 Special Control - Press Car
903 Special Control - Exhibition Car
904 Special Control - Test Car
905 Special Control - Demo Car
906 Special Control - Photo Car
907 James Bond Edition
908 Diagnostic Box for Researc h Vehicles
910 Research Car with Special Controls without Prior Inspection
911 Research Car with Special Controls with Prior Inspection

Source tinyurl.com/yda96cf
Quality of car finish. - Altea Ego
they missed

1001 4 kilos H hidden in left door panel

Quality of car finish. - OmNo
Having a family member that works at one of our mass produced Japanese companies - I asked the question and I am informed that the cars are identified as press fleet cars on the logistics and configuration labelling and it is made clear for all to see but he did think they followed exactly the same process as all the others (maybe with a bit more care - although that would be completely the wrong thing to suggest for a Japanese Factory)