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I have just taken my Vauxhall astra into the dealer today after hearing weird noises from my clutch pedal, I have 5 months left on my 3 year warranty and have 41000 miles on the clock.

He tells me its a clutch thrust bearing, not the clutch plate.

After ringing up vauxhall hq they say it is only under warranty for 18,500miles

Is this true, or am I trying to be swindled out of my warrantied repair,

I have been told that this part itself (by others) is a life part and shouldnt go

I do mainly motorway miles

Please can you advise

Vauxhall Warranty Clutch Thrust Bearing - Pugugly
Have you had a look in the small print of the Warranty ?
Vauxhall Warranty Clutch Thrust Bearing - DP
The thrust bearing (or release bearing as it is usually known) is a consumable part that is replaced as part of a clutch replacement. They certainly do not last the life of the car, although they do generally last the life of the rest of the clutch components (the friction material or springs normally go first)

Clutches are always a difficult issue under warranty, as their life is dramatically affected by driving style, traffic conditions and the type of use the car gets. A clutch can last 150,000 miles, or can be wrecked in less than 10. It really is that variable.

By all means argue, and I hope you get something, but in my experience clutches and warranties don't go together.

Vauxhall Warranty Clutch Thrust Bearing - Rattle
Somebody on here told me a story about a neighbour who kept burning out her clutch, she was elderly and had a Fiesta. She would do 500 miles a year, every year it needed a new clutch.

It really is down to driving style, apart from on the Ladas none of my dads car has ever had as single clutch issue. I burnt one out on my last car but I suspect it was already very worn. I warned my friend that her driving style will burn out her clutch, 67k and its starting to slip.

As DP says it is impossible to offer any warranty on it. I have a customer who has a J reg Audi 80, he has done over 200k in it (owned it since new) and he says the clutch is as good as new.
Vauxhall Warranty Clutch Thrust Bearing - piston power
There has been issues with the vauxhall clutch but that was the lining causing juddering, if your sticking your hand in your pocket let your local indie do the work for half the price & stuff there warranty.
Vauxhall Warranty Clutch Thrust Bearing - WorkshopTech
You have no chance of getting this under warranty.
There have been problems with these clutches and we've changed a few. Its not a particularly easy job (book time is about 5 hours, but it usually takes us longer). The slave cylinder is in with the release bearing, so get them to change that too and bleed the system out, then check and adjust the gear change linkage. Make sure it is a branded clutch that goes in.
Depending on where you are in the country you are probably looking at £400-500 for this job using proper parts.

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