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There was an advert on the site last night to take over the last nine months of a 24 month lease of a Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge. Offered via DSG who are regular advertisers on here.

Thought I would have a go, so rang up and it seems like I may be taking it over in a couple of weeks times until middle of August 2010. Can only do about 6,000 miles in that time, but I can't imagine doing any more. The total cost to me will be about £1,850 inc 50% of VAT at 17.5% plus insurance.

Will keep you up to speed on progress.

Is this my mid-life crisis car? The Outback will either be driven by a work colleague or will stay on the drive and taken out occasionally.
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Well Done espada, I knew there was a bit of style in you trying to show through,

I am waiting for the two months left on the lease of a scaglietti to come up.
FIAT 500 - Advert on HJ Site - Happy Blue!

Speak to Phil Kehoe on 0844 880 9270 at DSG. He says that he specialises in finding drivers for cars with a short time left on a lease. It may not be so stupid as it sounds finding a Ferrari!
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Is this my mid-life crisis car?

Not if it's a 1.2 Lounge, no. That sounds more like a retirement car. For true MLC credibility it would have to be an Abarth Cup model with red brake calipers and nasty big black thin-spoked alloy wheels with very uncomfortable tyres.
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SWMBO has the same car and spec. At first I thought it was great but using the car for a few longer journeys I found I never really managed to find a properly comfortable position (6'1" and 14.5 st.) and it's a tad slow. If by mid life crisis you mean you want to get noticed a bit, then it's not going to let you down but some of those looks will be from blokes who don't quite get it.

SWMBO has had hers 18 months, 12,000 miles gets 44mpg in mainly town and A road driving (was low 30s in her Picanto auto), no rattles, nothing broken or gone wrong.