99 2.4 Car won't start - Immobiliser problem?? - julzmartz
Where do I start! We bought a Grand Voyager 1999 2.4 diesel around 8 weeks ago. Since driving it home from Leeds (roughly 30 miles) we have not been able to drive/start it. We have had the RAC out to it, they couldn't get it to start and towed it home. We then called an auto-electrician who has been working on it without any luck.
The engine won't start. The battery won't stay charged.
The main problem was it started, runs for a few seconds then cut out.
I searched the net for any help and found this website, I have read the previous thread about the heater matrix earth wire and the auto-electrician found the earth wire had melted, but has fixed the wire and the car still won't start. It will not even turn over now, the power is there but the key just turns and its still dead. He has checked the battery and its not that.

I really don't know what else we can try to get the car working and we are really desperate as I recently had another baby (hence the getting the Voyager) and now we are unable to go out as a family!
We would really appreciate some help or further advice about this.

Regards Julie

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99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - MerlinTec
Hi Julie
More info please, What is the dash doing? warning lights? do the gauges work? Mileometer? do you have a spare key?
Start stall is normal operation of an immobiliser fault but it will time out and then give you nothing as you are getting. So now we need to decide if it loss of coms or key/SKIM or PCM fault.
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - julzmartz
Thanks Simon for your reply.
The dash lights appear to be ok, glow plug, alarm set etc etc across the top. The lights across the bottom all come on then go off, the digital mileometer works, the fuel gauge works.

The spare key does exactly the same, lights everything up then glow plug light goes out and still nothing, hope this helps
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - MerlinTec
sound like SKIM module around the key or the PCM. Has he check powers and earths at the SKIM module? sometimes they can get spiked and just disconnecting it for 10 minutes powers it down and fixes it.
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - dave1973
hi you say the engine does not turn over, i assume it is a manual gearbox. your auto electrician hasnt overlooked the clutch pedal switch has he because the starter wont turn unless the clutch is depressed.
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - julzmartz
Hi thanks for your advice, but yes we are aware that the clutch needs to be depressed prior to trying to start the engine.
Any other thoughts?

99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - julzmartz
Hi again Simon

Really appreciate your help on this very frustrating problem. I was wondering if there would be any chance of you emailing me a phone number so I could ring you. I just thought that it would be quicker than keep posting on here as I am really desperate to find out the problem with the car, and I don't really have the money to send it to the dealer.

If not I do understand.

Regards Julie
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - julzmartz
Ooops forgot to leave my email address just in case


99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - WorkshopTech
If the car runs briefly and then stops that points to the skim (sentry key ingnition module) whihc is located in the steering column. We have had this problem on a few Chryslers, the skim antenna being the culprit. We have also had these with dry joints in the instrument pack.
I wonder if your auto electrician is experienced on these cars? If the car wont even turn over the the battery is discharging it sounds like he may have introduced another fault.
99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - richard19800

Hi Merlintec/workshoptech,

I wandered if you guys can help me?

I have a 1999 3.3i v6 Grand Voyager / T&C in the UK it has been running fine up till yesterday!!! I went to it in the morning and unlocked the car with the key fob, then tried to start it and the "Alarm Set" starts flashing and then beeps 16times and then stays on permenantly and the car wont start.

I only have the Grey key and fob, the wife lost the other set!!

I went online and found the suggestion of the plug on the heater control panel pin 21 and that is fine no melting or anything but tested it and still the same. I think maybe an issue with the SKIM,PCM,Key

I also get a rapid clicking sound when ignition is on from under the bonnet next to the battery.

Does anyone have any ideas? I need to get the car working ASAP!!! as we have a disabled child and need the car for mobility for her

99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - andrex
Hello, greetings from Sicily (Italy), I have a problem, my Crysler Voyager of 98 gasoline, sometimes not starting, and it appears under the signal of alarm set and the signal of the gas is on red even if I have the full. I brought the car to the garage many times but nothing .. the computer tells him that everything is ok .. The machine works okay but sometimes it makes this defect. I think it's the alarm that stops the engine and not start .... please help me .. sorry for English not excellent ...can write in my email flexil26@live.it.

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99 2.4 Car won't start??? Immobiliser problem?? - MerlinTec
That's why we ask if the guages work if they don't then it's a comms fault and most likely heater panel earth wire or dash circuit board both been cover on this forum if you do a search.
99 2.4 Car won't start - Immobiliser problem?? - phatboyroy

see my report HJ back room > tech matters > select voyager dated 13 Aug 2011

it may be that, IT'S LIKELY TO BE THAT.

best of luck

Let me know by posting a reply

I also urge you to report your problems to VOSA, (as i have done) and to email andrew.nicholls@gmail.com

see his report on my thread at Fri 12 Aug 2011


I’m posting the following as it may be of use to those of us who have older diesel ‘s – my 1999 2.5 TD Voyager owned 7 years has had poor COLD starting problems for a while ( last 3 years), eventually it was struggling to start when still warm, it had a new battery six months ago, fitted new glow plugs which you would have thought would alleviate poor starting, in fact - it then failed to start at all, two fully charged batteries and a jump starter and it still refused to start, prompted a rethink, then looked at the all the relays and fuses in the fuse box, all LOOKED ok BUT the CONNECTIONS appeared a little dirty, cleaned ALL connections with sandpaper, SPRAYED WD40 into the connectors on the fuse box and hey presto started first time, run sweetly, in fact we are having a very cold spell presently, and she still starts first time every time, hope this information may be of use.

Chrysler electric door fix – I found that the window would not wind up or down (at times) removed door panel , took top of electric motor off, close examination of the brushes were worn out, now I failed to find replacements any where, even at model shops, advised to buy a new motor. FIX, if you examine the brush carefully you will see that the wire runs out of the top of the brush, when the brush wears ITS UNABLE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE ARMATURE, stopping the motor working, gently take a rounded end soldering iron and melt the plastic away where it makes contact with the wire, be careful not to melt all the plastic away, this will enable the brush to make contact and restore function to the window, mine has been running for a year now without any problems


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