Anyone know about "Kerridge"? - Carl2
Thinking of getting back into the motor trade (service reception). I would like to find out about training in this system. I can find plenty of reference on the net but it looks to me as though training is carried out by garages etc that have this system. If I could learn on line this would suit me (Lost a tendon in my shoulder after a life spent in manual work). Thanks
Anyone know about "Kerridge"? - the swiss tony
There are different versions of 'kerridge' the highest ASAIK being Rev 8.
it used to the the best DMS in the world, bur since ADP took ownership, is has gone down in a lot of users estimation. (mine included!)

look here for the website (linked to ADP Autoline, the system you will be most likely to be using)

it is fairly logical and as you said, most training will be in the dealership, by dealership staff.
in my experience it is only when a major upgrade is installed that the staff get training from ADP.
Anyone know about "Kerridge"? - stevied
Yes, Kerridge is not a bad system, like any system it has its idiosyncrasies and annoyances but having gone to it after 3 years exposure to a SAP system that was (badly) altered to suit the automotive arena, it was much much better. Kerridge is a system designed purely for automotive use and as such it is quite intuitive.

I would agree it has maybe gone downhill a bit, but trust me it's better than the alternative!

I used to work in a very busy luxury dealership, and whilst many other things let me down (mostly sales staff!), Kerridge rarely did!