05 1.9 crackling through speakers - gunnwoom
Hi just wondering if any one can help my zafira has just started crakling through the speakers even with the stereo swithched of after a while it does stop but is very annoying and does make u jump every now and then when it gives off a very load whine or crackle. It even carrys on for a while when the ignition is turned off . any advice would be most welcome
05 1.9 crackling through speakers - SpamCan61 {P}
Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm sure there are reports in here if you search the archive of people with mid 2000s Vauxhalls where the radio has a life of its own ( switching on and off of its own accord) , I think Vauxhall were replacing the radios.
05 1.9 crackling through speakers - bell boy
crackling through speakers
at least you will never go hungry,
dont forget the salt though ;-)