08 1.4 Has the clutch gone ? - virago_viking

Hope you can help.

I have a 1.4 Vauxhall Corsa D, 18 months old with only 5000 on the clock.

Yesterday, when I was driving along (I think I was in third gear), I pushed down on the clutch to change gears and there was a very slight resistance - then a clunk noise. I could still change gear okay but somehow it doesn't feel the same. The biting point feels different and it juddered this morning in first gear.

What could have caused the clunk in the clutch pedal - how do you tell if the "clutch has gone".

Advice appreciated. (Car is still under warranty)
08 1.4 Has the clutch gone ? - Peter.N.
Could just be the auto adjuster taking up the slack in the cable but if its under guarantee it wouldn't hurt to get it checked.
08 1.4 Has the clutch gone ? - piston power
Is this not hyraulic clutch?

It's under warranty take it back let them fix it but do report back with the problem solved.
08 1.4 Has the clutch gone ? - topbloke
there has been instances of the clutch pedal return spring breaking (have you found a small piece of metal in the drivers footwell) however sound advice from previous post take it to dealers register that you have/had a problem at least if there is further problems its recorded with them,Regards TB