VW security or lack of it ! - volvoman
Anyone with a recent VW should be very interested in tonight's Watchdog which highlights a major security problem affecting several models. Apparently VW and their dealers are aware of the problem but have been reluctant to take decisive action - where have we heard this before ?

The website is:

www.bbc.co.uk/watchdo g
VW security or lack of it ! - Big Vern
If my memory serves me right Audis also have this problem
VW security or lack of it ! - Ash
I've just tried my brothers key from his 02 Polo TDi Sport in my 02 Polo S SDi and the key won't even turn. I'll also try our keys in my cousins Seat Ibiza Cupra as his car has VW locks etc fitted to it.

I think that the idea of the windows going up when the doors are locked is a good one, but winding the windows down when unlocking is a daft one.

VW security or lack of it ! - madf
I bought a Ford Fiesta (2001 model) because Fiesat security is much better than carpy VW Golfs/Polos and Audis.

Any car whose lock can be forced by the screwdriver trick is unsafe. ALL VWs/AUDIs are. Full stop - up to A4s .

Funnily enough a key after market accessory for Golf owners in the US in the 1980s was an armoured plate to fit on Golf (Rabbit in US) doorlocks to prevent this.

Peugeot are just as bad. New BMWs are OK. Pre 1999 E36 and earlier are as bad as Peugeot . (I know I had one broken into)

My view is that the UK car insurance industry should EXCLUDE claims for these cases under cover to force manufacturers to improve it.

Trouble is UK has worst car crime in Europe. Why? Co we don't catch the barstewards who do it or let them off too lightly...

VW security or lack of it ! - Cardew
98R Polo key in a 2000W Golf. The key enters into lock fully but doesn't have any effect.
VW security or lack of it ! - bertj
We have a 2000(March) VW Polo and 2001(September) Passat. Both keys will go into each others' lock but neither will turn in each others' lock.


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