Citroen C5 II any good? - Graham567
After test driving a new Citroen C5 exclusive with the hydroactive suspension i was very impressed with the refinement,quietness and supple ride.The car seemed to be built to last and it had every conceivable extra on it.My question is if its so good then why don't the motoring magazines ever list it in the top 5 family cars to buy?I cannot find any reports of failures on this new C5 and only glowing reports from their owners.I know depreciation would be a factor but other than that i cannot see any downsides other than its a Citroen.Am i mad to consider one or should i settle for the Honda Accord which was very nice but not as good as the Citroen?
Citroen C5 II any good? - sandy56
I dont own one but I do like them.
A local taxi company uses them- C5 saloon and estates and they think highly of them

I think for a big family car they are great.
When its time for the Mondeo to go maybe next year a C5 will get serious consideration.
Citroen C5 II any good? - maz64
In case you haven't seen them already:
HJ road test:

HJ gives it 4/5 stars in the CBCB, and at the end of the road test he states:

"If you put beauty and sophistication over fun to be with, then, as in some marriages, the C5 may be for you."

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Citroen C5 II any good? - mr.freezer
If you put beauty and sophistication over fun to be with, then, as in some marriages, the C5 may be for you."

Mine is certainly more fun to be with than the Passat I had previously.

Good; seats, very quiet, flexible engine, ride quality, alloys that seem hard to kerb, rare, (especially in black as Citroen don't do a flat black like VAG), a snug cockpit and in my opinion it is the prettiest sales rep car about at the moment.

Bad; feels heavy, nose dips a lot under heavy braking, Citroen appear to have made a reverse Tardis (the inside is the size of an Octavia interior whilst the outside is like a Mondeo)

I love mine.

I have the boggo suspension in a mid spec, mid engine car. The only magnolia part of my C5 experience.
Citroen C5 II any good? - TheOilBurner
The reason why they don't sell many and they lose money so quickly is because most people have this niggling thought in the back of their mind that being a big Citroën, something horrible will be going wrong all the time. The reliability reports I've seen don't justify this feeling, as Citroën tend to be healthy mid-table performers in this respect.

The irony is, the nay-sayers are sometimes the same people who will be happy to buy a Pug 407, which is obviously pretty much the same underneath, especially with the low-spec coil spring C5s we now have.

Regardless, I'm very impressed with my 2005 C5 with Hydractive 3+. There's no coil springs to snap, the suspension is excellent for ride quality, being nice and supple as you say. Also, did you try pressing the sport button and giving it some beans? The suspension then cleverly hardens up, and it doesn't roll too much in the bends. Neat stuff.

There's only one area I'd mark down with my Citroen, and that's on the quality of the interior trim. It's feels a little cheap, and it's showing it in places now after 4 years. That said, I believe the new C5 is better in that respect.

Anyhow, if you like it, buy it! :)
Citroen C5 II any good? - redviper
I saw a Black C5 on a 09 plate this morning and what a handsome looking beast it is, for the 1st time ever seeing a citreon, i found myself thinking "look at that ooo i want one them"

I think that Citroen are making a effort and stepping up the quality a bit. this shows in my Girlfriends C4, time will tell but the C5 seems to be a cracking car!.

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Citroen C5 II any good? - M.M
Been a long time Citroen supporter but like this latest C5 just for how it looks and feels in the showroom... not driven one yet.

They are a good option in their class and a little less obvious than many choices. We've just had one arrive in the family (not this household) and I'm looking forward to pouring all over it.
Citroen C5 II any good? - Graham567
Thanks for all your replies guys.There are a few problems that i can see with the spec of the range.

First,they now only sell the VTR+NAV which comes as standard with satnav.But move up to exclusive trim and the satnav isn't present but as an option at £1300.Crazy.

The other problem is that i would like a manual gear exclusive trim in petrol but they only do an automatic petrol or a diesel manual in the exclusive trim.I can get a manual petrol in the VTR+nav but not the exclusive which is the only one with the Hydroactive suspension.Crazy.

The last problem is the list price £22,000(with paint) for the exclusive diesel manual.You would think that the discount you could get would be a fair amount but my experiences of dealers is that they will discount very little.I think this is why you don't see many C5's on the road.The other car i'm looking at is the Honda Accord with a list price of £20,700 but an attainable discount down to £19,500.

So £19,500 for an Accord or say £21,000 for a Citroen.
My head says Honda but my heart says Citreon.
Citroen C5 II any good? - stunorthants26
Have you rung every Citroen dealer within 100 miles of you? Always worth a go if you havent as certainly some dealers are more willing than others.
Have you checked on DrivetheDeal for a price?
Citroen C5 II any good? - tyro
>>My head says Honda but my heart says Citreon.

You'll get about £2000 off with DrivetheDeal.

But my head says that you should go with your head and get the Honda. And I speak as someone who quite fancies a C5, and who owns a Citroen.

Unless your heart really, really, wants the Citroen, and will always feel cheated if it doesn't get it.

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Citroen C5 II any good? - barneybear
I drove both C5 and Accord recently.
I got similar offer on Accord, but thought the ride a little too firm and the seats not as supportive - but a close second. the wind noise was also more.
The C5 was softer ride, quite and I liked the combination of technolgy and dials on the dash. I drove daytime and night to get a feel of it too.
Whilst list price is high, actual dealer price will be much less. I looked at a 59 plate with 50miles for £13500. (1.6 diesel, VTR+, man, metalic). Didn't buy it as I went down with flu' two days later and been off work till today. Just phoned garage who have sold it!!!! Grrrr.