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00 2.0 Speedo intermittently dropping to zero - Enigma84
Hello. As with the subject, ive recently bought a 2.0 xsi on a w reg. I got a few problems with it.
One is the speedo will drop to zero now and then, after a while or a sudden judder it will kick back up to the correct speed. I took it to the garage, and their not sure. The chap is awaiting a replacement electronic control unit from a scrap yard, but im inclined to think thats its an earth problem, and may be shorting out. What do you guys think.

The other problems are: Keyfob will not lock/unlock. Bought an additional one, and tryed the coding (turn ignition to accessories and click large button then small... then turn off) neither of these worked with new batteries, so not sure if its the receiver's not working or the coding procedure is wrong.

Also, im not sure the alarm is on. I locked myself in, and jumped around like mad. No joy. I tried holding the alarm reset button with ignition on accessories, but the lights would not blick, and i still had no joy.

If any of you guys can throw some light on any of these problems i would be most grateful.
Many thanks,
00 2.0 Speedo intermittently dropping to zero - apuk2004

I get exactly the same problem with my speedo randomly dropping to zero!

Any one know how to fix it?

00 2.0 Speedo intermittently dropping to zero - Peter.N.

It will quite likely be the speed sensor mounted on the diff just above where the o/s drive shaft fits. Its only held in with one bolt and connected by a three pin plug. About £20.00 on ebay.


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