04 1.4 Electrical problems - mbd
The central locking and indicators on my c-max have stopped working. I can only lock the drivers door with the key and the rest won't lock at all apart from the boot which only unlocks when i press the dedicated button on the key fob.
Also the handbrake light on the dash is on permanantly.
It would appear that my wife drove through some standing water on Friday night. :o(
I've checked the normal fuses and all seem ok.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
04 1.4 Electrical problems - Dynamic Dave
Also the handbrake light on the dash is on permanantly.

Which generally doubles up as a low brake fluid level warning light. I'm unsure whether it's related to the other problems, but before driving the car again, CHECK the level of the brake fluid.
04 1.4 Electrical problems - dingo4638
Did you sort this problem? My C-max has started to do exactly the same things.

In addition, the outside air temp is just dashes and the red snow flake is on.
04 1.4 Electrical problems - elekie&a/c doctor

Check the wiring connectors to the fuse box in the passenger footwell.These often get dislodged by the passenger feet.hth

04 1.4 Electrical problems - dingo4638
Will do. Cheers.
04 1.4 Electrical problems - mog624

My Daughters 09 CMax has just developed exactly the same problem. Were you able to sort it out please, and if so, how?


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