Locked out of car - 1400ted
We weren't going to use the Note today and it's been standing since Friday.
Needing to get something out, I confidently pinged the key at it...nowt happened. few more pings and I went and got the other key. Nothing again ! ' Car battery flat ' thought I....first frost.
Not to worry, I'll open it manually and junp start it......think again Ted, No keyholes.
Car down drive at back of house, in 'park ' and handbrake on ! Rang main dealer, spoke to mechanic. ' There's an emergency keyhole under the trim by the passenger lock ' Great !
Car nearside 4 inches from 6ft fence.....opened it but couldn't get in.
Ended up removing the fence panel from neighbour's side. Opened the bonnet, put her on charge and went and got another battery....original only 3 yrs old.
What a kerfuffle !


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Locked out of car - rtj70
You're lucky the fence panel could be removed! :-)
Locked out of car - Altea Ego
So now you know your Nissan note is really a Renault because your emergency keyhole is ont he L/H side
Locked out of car - Rattle
I am surprised the battery went flat so quickly. With it being such a new car. Is it a case of modern cars using more power when the ignition is off than older ones? I've not used my car since Saturday as all my jobs have been too local so it will be interesting to see if it starts tomorrow.

I've also often wondered why modern cars don't have locks as a failure in the TX/RX system on remote central locking seems too obvious.

It looks like its going to be a very cold night.
Locked out of car - ijws15
I am surprised the battery went flat so quickly.

I'm not - ask the dealer what the battery current is when it is parked with "everything" off.

Bet they won't tell you.

If they do bet it is higher than you expect.
Locked out of car - harib
Surely a battery going flat after 3 days of non-use is a worry? I mean what if you drive to the airport and go on holiday for 1-2 weeks?
Locked out of car - Avant
I agree - we've just come back after two weeks in South Africa, and all the cars started up straight away, including the 8-year-old Z3 which was idle for over 3 weeks.

It may have been a dud battery in Ted's case, but if it happens again there's surely a fault, or a wrong note at least.
Locked out of car - perro
I'll wager you used stronger language than kerfuffle Ted!!
I've just checked my Almera and that also has the blanked orf keyhole on the LHS.
The Nissan Note (as you know) shares some of its underpinnings with the Renault Modus but is a Nissan and built in Sunderland.
Where was the battery made I wonder? still, it should last longer than 3 years me thinks.
Locked out of car - Old Navy
As manufacturers make far more LHD cars than RHD it must be cheaper to leave many bits and pieces in LHD configuration, (Focus handbrake for instance).
Locked out of car - Rattle
Mainly seems to be a feature of french cars though. It took me about 10 minutes to find where my friends Clio bonnet release was. The last place I expected it be was on the passangers side. Great when the mad kid in the passanger seat is messing about playing with things and the bonnet suddenly pops open....
Locked out of car - Martin Devon
>>Great when the mad kid in the passenger seat is messing about playing with things and the bonnet suddenly pops open....
I bet nobody thought of that one Ratty. Same as the master van. On the left too, but so is the Jimny, in the Glove comp'.

Best regards....Martin.
Locked out of car - 1400ted
Great when the mad kid in the passanger
seat is messing about playing with things

I thought the ' mad kid ' was always in the driver's seat in your car, Rats ! :-)

I suspect the battery may have been swapped by some naughty mechanic sometime....the retaining clip was loose.
Another awkward job..the clip is at the bottom of a battery depth ' slot ' next to something else. It's about an inch wide......can't get hand in to fit the thing back.. Probably needs the 13mm socket to be magnetic as the bracket is captive on the bolt.
Left it off...it'll have to wait. Temper improved somewhat this teatime, bought a music download from HMV, Hummel's Piano no.!, and actually managed to burn it onto CD....an achievement for me !

Locked out of car - Dynamic Dave
Clio bonnet release was on the passangers side.

The Mk1 Astra also had it on the passenger side.
Great when the mad kid in the passanger seat is messing about playing with things and the bonnet suddenly pops open....

Which is why the bonnet has a safety catch to stop it from fully opening.
Locked out of car - Lud
No keyholes.

Yet another technical great leap forward.

Electronics and wireless are so much better than ghastly rotting protoplasm don't you think, with its moronic Luddite prejudices in favour of material objects that are properly designed to be cheap and reliable and failsafe?

I mean BOR-ING!

I hear they got a car now knows when you want to drive it and starts and opens the door for you and drives away before you've got in and has the accident for you but you're the one that gets busted and put away for its recklessness. BRILLIANT!

Only problem is soon we will become completely redundant and go extinct and there won't even be anyone to appreciate the comedy of it all.
Locked out of car - Rattle
I do like a balance of kit, I like things like electric windows because they do make things much easier as does central locking. I do get remote central locking but not at the expensive of proper door locks :(

It just seems a bit of petty penny pinching but I suppose if it saves £30 of the construction of each car that is a lot of extra profit.

Ted did the battery have a date on it at all? It would seem a pit petty to swap a battery on a high value nearly new car :( I can understand people doing it on a £200 banger.
Locked out of car - oilrag
The battery on my van only lasted three years, from new. On taking delivery I noticed that the indicator (magic eye) on the battery was not showing green - in fact it took a couple of weeks of use, before it did.
I put this down to it spending the Summer prior to my purchase in a field and the battery going flat and suffering damage. Then being given a boost by the dealer, but perhaps even then, not being capable of holding a full charge?

Wonder if the above applied to the Note`s battery?

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Locked out of car - perro
>>> there won't even be anyone to appreciate the comedy of it all. <<<

A Divine Comedy!
Locked out of car - Waino
You weren't the only one to get locked out of their car yesterday, Ted!

I was out and about yesterday afternoon in the old Mondeo and had to drive along a track to a remotish farmhouse only to find no one at home. I had left the keys in the ignition and, upon returning to the car and lifting the door handle to get in, all the locks spontaneously activated. Fortunately, I still had my mobile phone in my pocket and so was able to alert Mrs W who arrived with the spare key after 2 freezing cold hours.

Moral of the story - always take your keys out when you leave the car, even where there's no danger of low-life nicking it.
Locked out of car - jc2
Or open a window!
Locked out of car - Waino
Or open a window!>>

With a brick? ;-)
Locked out of car - Altea Ego
Only problem is soon we will become completely redundant and go extinct and there won't
even be anyone to appreciate the comedy of it all.

and like all comedy, its based on untruth. The car DOES have a keyhole. It is merely covered up.
Locked out of car - Lud
DOES have a keyhole. It is merely covered up.

Yes, by a bit of trim, on the nearside only which just happened to be the side ted couldn't get at.

What the car doesn't have is keyholes in all the usual places, accessible without removing trim (always an iffy thing to do). 'Untruth' is putting it a bit strongly.
Locked out of car - gordonbennet
Being a bit unconvinced by all this wonderful electrickery i really don't want a car without a easily useable keyhole in both doors and another in the boot, the usual law applies that when it goes wrong you've parked it tight against some immovable object.

Lot of cars with this now, not just French either, certain prestige British made vehicles only have a single N/S keyhole visible only after levering a piece of trim off.
Still it makes certain you have to get the remote working pronto if it goes wrong whatever the cost...cynical?
Locked out of car - 1400ted
I don't think the Naughty Note had been stood...it was ex motability finance...archtypical little old lady from a very respectable address in Cheshire.
New battery on now, Peace of mind for £30.....what the heck !
Had to code the wireless up.....good job code was writ large in back of handbook !
Don't really see the point of coded radios now......most are designed to suit the dash and there can't be a market for nicked ones, every car ever made in the last 20 yrs got one fresh out of the box.
Went down to the bank in the Vitara today....something banging at the back. Thought it was the new exhaust . Nipped it round to the MOT station later and put it on the ramp....it didn't bang on the way round and the whole system was as sound as a pound !
The perversity of modern machinery !

Locked out of car - rtj70
Something I have never checked since getting rid of the Mondeo mk III but I read once there is a keyhole for the boot which is not obvious because it's up above the number plate. Okay that car had locks anyway but this tale from 1400ted makes one wonder about not having a key to get it.

Even on a car with an immobiliser and alarm and only one remote key, if you open with the normal key (non-remote) you can disable the alarm before it goes off by putting they key in the ignition and turning it.

How the plastic emergency VAG keys deal with all this I'm not sure.