96 2.5 Engine Cuts out - raco
My sterling has not been started for 3 years it has only done 64k. I replaced the battery with a new one and the car started first time. Everything seems to work fine supprisingly enough, the only problem I seem to have is when I flash the headlights the engine cuts out and ignition lights etc go out and the aircon clutch has seized. Can anyone help me please.
96 2.5 Engine Cuts out - Dave_TD
Sounds like a corroded earth connection somewhere, best bet would be to inspect the wiring between switch and lights paying special attention to any multi-plug connectors.
96 2.5 Engine Cuts out - Cheeky
I agree -- wiring and multiplugs definitely worth a look. Also, change the oil with new semi-synth asap. Won't have anything to do with your electrical problem, but 3 year old oil will not be protecting anything on start up.