01 2.5 Oil Spec - Giggles
To put it simply:

2001 Audi A6 2.5TDi (AKN engine).
Handbook reads:
A- High Lubricity Multigrade Oils meeting specitications:
- VW 505 00 AND VW 500 00
- VW 505 01

Basically, what oil do I need to buy in normal terms? ie, 5W30, 10W40, 0W30, etc?

01 2.5 Oil Spec - Hamsafar
505.00 on time/distance services..
505.01 on Longlife services.

In addition, 507.00 is a newer spec. which encompasses the specs above.

The viscosity question is moot as it is a function of the above, but 505.00 is usually 5w40 and 505.01 is usually 0W30, but that doesn't mean that any oil of those viscosity will do.

The camshafts on these are rather prone to premature lobe wear due to not using rollers until 2003 model year. I would use a longlife oil and change at least every 10,000 miles or 1 year.
01 2.5 Oil Spec - Peter D
Castrol Edge 5W30 changed at 10K. Shop around for a good price and it comes in 4ltr cans. Regards Peter
01 2.5 Oil Spec - Giggles
Cheers folks.
I would normally do the oil and 3 filters every 6000 miles anyway once a car gets over 60,000 miles (80,000 on the car currently).
I know on the face of it 6k would seem better than 10k for a service interval but I'm not too up on the internals of engines, so would a 10k interval be optimum then?

Also, would an additive such as Lucas Oil Stabiliser or ZX1 be beneficial with the oil change or are additives in these engines a big no-no?