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Just this week my 92 Eunos has let in water. The hood is only months old and did not leak in the summer rains but water is getting in somewhere. I guess the hood is the most likely culprit. But just where is the water going. I can hear it sloshing about but it seems to be both behind me and to the left beneath the passenger seat. Is there a drain plug of any kind. It is seeping into the interior on the passenger side but the main body of water is definitely beneath and behind. Any ideas? Philipeunos

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92 Eunos - water ingress - Xena
It's not uncommon for the hood drain holes to become blocked with dirt, leaves, and other debris. Once this happens water begins to find its way into the cabin. You'll need to lower the hood and check the area below the hood's hinge mechanism just back from the drivers right shoulder. Do the same on the passenger side. If the drains are blocked you'll need to carefully remove the blockage using a long thin implement taking care not to damage the narrow bore rubber tubing. The drains can be a little difficult to locate if you don't know exactly where they are - just keep looking.
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A plastic drain channel runs around the whole base of the hood. this channel has two drains, as Xena says. The drivers side one is relatively easy to see, the passengers side one can be difficult to spot, being partly hidden by the heated rear window wiring arrangement. The holes are not as close to the front of the channel as you would think, maybe 50/75 mm back. These holes are at the top of fairly long plastic tubes moulded as part of the drain tray. The tubes drain the water into the cills, you should see water running out of the bottom of them.(Assuming the cill drain holes are clear). I usually attack the blockages with a length of mig welding wire with the end bent over to stop it digging in. The whole arrangement is quite long.
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To add to the above replies, often if these drains are blocked the carpeting in the area around the top seat belt bolts will be damp.

Once you have found these drains and poked a suitable wire down (an old curtain wire works well) you will see it protrude from the drain in front of the rear axle. Apparently poking the wire upwards is not recommended as there is the risk of dislodging the drain tube from its home, thus letting the water drain directly into the sill.

You will find numerous photos and diagrams of these if you look in the MX-5 Owners club site, which is a mine of useful information and help from fellow owners.

Another area to check is the drains in the sills, often blocked by over-zealous application of underseal. If I remember correctly there are 4, the rear ones are fore and aft of the rear jacking point plus more nearer the front wheel arch. You just need to poke a wire up into these, I use the end of a small plastic cable tie.

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92 Eunos - water ingress - PhilipEunos
Thanks for the advice. I'll take a look this weekend if it stops raining. Phil

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