02 2.0 tdci fuel filter change - carnut1980
hi all, ive never change a fuel filter on a diesel, do i need to fill the thing with diesel first? if so is it via the 'in' nozzle on the filter? Also where is the oil filter and washer pump on ths car, i want to change all filters but the washer has packed up, though the wipers still work so im guessing its not a broken fuse!
02 2.0 tdci fuel filter change - DP
I'm told these are almost impossible to restart without priming (filling) the new filter with fresh fuel. Also bear in mind the fuel injection pump relies on the diesel it's pumping for lubrication, so running it dry won't do it any favours at all.
There was some talk about this on a Ford forum I was on a while ago. The consensus seemed to be that a syringe filled with clean fuel into the inlet hose connector on the filter was the way to go. Keep going until the filter is full.
Ensure whatever you use is perfectly clean, as dirt/debris and common rail injection systems are not a good combination.

02 2.0 tdci fuel filter change - kithmo
The problem with filling with a syringe etc. is where to get the clean fuel from.
I found it best to use a piece of clear tubing and a syphon tool, a rubber bulb with a one way valve, to suck fuel through the filter by fitting the fuel inlet pipe (from the tank) on to the filter and the syphon tool onto the outlet connection on the filter (to the pump) and finger over (or block) the return line connection. Pump until no more air comes out.
02 2.0 tdci fuel filter change - 659FBE
The filter must be fully primed before attempting a re-start.

I use a 1 litre Wanner oil gun (splendid tool) as a suction tool on the filter outlet to draw fuel from the tank. One good pull is usually enough - use a translucent connecting pipe.


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