A1 Cambs weekend closure - FP
There seems to be precious little information about the A1 Cambridgeshire weekend closures southbound due to roadworks between Brampton Hut and Wyboston, in Brampton.

Does anyone know the timings of these weekend closures? As I need to travel south tomorrow (Sunday 11th October) on a fairly tight schedule I am keen to discover when the road re-opens.
A1 Cambs weekend closure - Dipstick

Says it's night closures, 8pm to 6am if that helps.

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A1 Cambs weekend closure - FP
This seems to refer to a different stretch of the A1. (Not far from where I mean, but too far north.)

The bit I'm concerned with is the section starting north of the Black Cat roundabout, around Eaton Socon. I came up that way yesterday and there are speed restrictions and signs saying "weekend closure".
A1 Cambs weekend closure - ifithelps
You need to find this info 'out of hours', so I would be inclined to ring Cambridgeshire Police and ask for the control room, ask them and/or ask to be put through to road policing or motor patrols, whichever term they use.

The police don't close the road, but you might be lucky and get through to a road traffic officer on his break in the crew room who could probably give you the info you need.

Not trying to teach my granny etc, but in my experience policeman are more forthcoming if they know who they are speaking to and why the person wants the info.

So I would volunteer that information about myself to hopefully get the conversation off on a positive note.

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A1 Cambs weekend closure - Altarf
During the week it is closed southbound between 10pm and 6am.

At the weekend it is closed southbound between 9pm on Friday nights until 12 midday on Sundays, and again from midnight Sunday until 6am Monday.

Southbound traffic will be diverted off the A1 onto the A14 eastbound to Godmanchester and from there down the A1198 to Caxton Gibbet. Traffic will then follow the A428 back to the A1 at Wyboston.

This is until mid November when the work goes over to the Northbound carriageway, and the same restrictions apply then.
A1 Cambs weekend closure - FP
Thanks to those who responded.

As I shall be leaving around 10:00 tomorrow (Sunday) from north of Peterborough I think I will go via Oundle, Thrapston, Wellingborough and Olney to join the M1 at Jct 14 and get back to Hemel Hempstead that way.
A1 Cambs weekend closure - AF
In case anyone is interested, they have finished the work on the southbound carriageway of the A1, and have now started work on the northbound carriageway.

The closure times are from 8pm to 6am Monday to Thursday, and from 9pm Friday until 6am Monday (so closed all weekend).

Northbound traffic will be diverted off the A1 onto the A428 eastbound to Caxton Gibbet and from there up the A1198 to Godmanchester, and from there back to the A1 north of Huntingdon.

If you (or your satnav) think that you know a shorter diversion route through St Neots, then so did 1000 other motorists yesterday, and none of them ended up going anywhere very fast, just stuck in a very very slow moving traffic jam.

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