adjuster knob - paul_1975
have just bought an 03 c270 cdi today and was having a nosy around it tonight. there is an adjustment near the airflow meter on the left side of the engine bay with a percentage marked on it 75-100% what is this for? Turned it down [anticlock] and it won't turn back up!haven't got a user handbook with the car!
adjuster knob - Bill Payer
It's not an adjuster - it tells your mechanic :) when the airfilter needs changing.

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adjuster knob - doctorchris
Paul, do not interfere with a knob when you don't know what it will do!
adjuster knob - redviper
so it looks like you have simply reset it.

All i would do is simply replace the airfilter, (as it apears that the old one was indicating replacement soon anyway) and then the "knob" will moniter the new one properly.
adjuster knob - paul_1975
thanks redviper,doctorchris and billpayer for your help!drove the car a mile and the indicator went back to red. im not usually one to fiddle with knobs but used to have an audi tdi with a tuning box fitted and a connection to the airflow meter where the power could be altered via a potentiometer thought this was a similar mercedes factory fitted arrangement lol! have just been called a knob no doubt!