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Wandsworth to Thetford ( Centre Parks) - henry k
Friday evening ( of course) - departure time fortunately a little flexible.

My usual route from Esher to east of Cambridge is - from north of London ( M25)

A1(M) to Baldock, A505 to Royston to Duxford and on to the A11.
I like this route. It is quite a pleasant drive and much nicer than the M11
( the Hatfield tunnel works has not been a trouble to me so far)

With the above in mind and if this route is to be used what is the best routing from Wandsworth up to the A1?
The routing to the A1 looks fairly straight forward.
( daughter is more familiar with Paddington, St Johns Wood area)

All the route planners seem to say cross London, Blackwall Tunnel etc and then M11
This looks a complicated route.

Wandsworth to Thetford ( Centre Parks) - NorfolkDriver
What time of year are you planning this run?

If in the next couple of months it shouldnt be too bad for the last bit on the A11 to Elvedon (Centre Parks). This bit of road, if you dont know, is single carriageway and the lights in Elvedon normally has it backing up for most of the 7 miles.

Should you come through London the obvious route is to come up the M11 to Junction 9, but what about coming round on the M25 and then up the A1/A505. If taking the A1 route, come off at the M1 and take the A404 cross country (assuming you dont already).


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