01 1.6 Lumpy running then EML. - bsm
Hi Guys,
Car used several times yesterday, OK for 40 miles. Last trip of the day, 5 miles, the engine started and began to run very lumpily, no misfire. With a door open the interior light was flickering, very bright at times, buzzing heard from fuse panel in glove box (no door open chime with lights on). I checked the battery voltage, 14.85V, engine running. The alternator was hot, after only a 5 mile journey. This morning I've checked battery OC voltage 12.5V and SG, cells 1-5 12.70, 6 12.50 (still the orignal battery). Took plugs out seemed OK other than white centre insulator (running too hot?). Started engine, again running not quite right. Alternator output 20A falling to 15A after 5 minutes, voltage 14.5V. Switched Air con on, fan running, alternator output 43A. Noticed that the EML was now illuminated. I've booked car into dealer for Monday. Any advice on this problem and what I should be asking dealer to look for in the way of fault codes, would be appreciated. Car has done 53,000 miles. Regards, Mo
01 1.6 Lumpy running then EML. - elekie&a/c doctor
As this is a 1.6 Focus ,I would be looking at the engine breather hose that runs under the inlet manifold.It is very common for these to split and give poor running issues.I don,t think you have a problem with the charging system as this car has a "smart " charge system and voltages can run a little higher than you would expect.hth
01 1.6 Lumpy running then EML. - bsm
Thanks for the info doc.
Had it into Ford dealer today and had wallet lightened. £72 for a diagnostic test to find coil pack was faulty, total cost £196. They also noted on their 'free health check' water pump leaking, but I've not need to top up coolant for months, £209. Clutch pipe leaking, same thing, fluid still upto the max level, £74. I suppose they've to try and make a living during the credit crunch!
01 1.6 Lumpy running then EML. - MikeTorque
On the other hand, by locating these issues they may have saved you a couple of breakdowns or worse. Leaks can be suttle at times, just a trace of fluid with no obvious evidence.

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