Small cars - top
Is it me, or do more motorists drive more aggressively towards small cars. Normally I drive largish saloon cars although last couple of days I have had to use my sons Citreon C1.
I have had more cars cut me up, drive inches from the rear bumper, and refuse to give way
more times than i care to remember. Back to my normal car today and no more drivers have something against these small cars, or was I just unlucky.
Small cars - Lygonos
Either road bullies, or you're driving painfully slowly ;-)
Small cars - Rattle
I get cut up a few times but the biggest thing I have noticed in my Corsa is I am always tialgated usualy by fellow Vauxhall drivers or Audis for some reason Ford drivers tend to give me distance unless it is white and says "Transit" on the back.

My dad found when he switched his Lada to a 1.5 year old Punto he got cut up a lot less.
Small cars - Alby Back
No, it's not your imagination. I switch between my Mondeo estate and my wife's Ka on a regular basis and I am convinced that I get worse treatment from other drivers in the wee car.

However, the tailgaters in particular can be fun to bait in that the Ka will more or less handle any situation at legal speeds without much need to slow down. So in the scenario where bully boy or girl is up yer chuff on the straights you can leave them for dead when it gets twisty. It's like an old Mini in that respect. Just get it up to speed and stay there ! Roundabouts are especially good sport.......

Small cars - doctorchris
Don't forget that the rear bumper on your small car is nearer to you than on a big car.
This may all be an optical illusion.
Small cars - daveyjp
top - as someone who normally drives a larger car surely you should be in an ideal position to answer your own question.

I have recognised in myself that I am more likely to pull out in front of a car which I know is less powerful than mine.
Small cars - Rattle
Two cars at save distance to pull out in front off. One is a Metro 1.0 the other is a BMW M5. I would not dare pull in front of the BMW but the Metro I would easily. I think this is more a case of people being scared of larger cars rather than people treating smaller cars badly.

Davey has hit it on the head :).
Small cars - old crocks
I'm afraid it's just the law of the jungle ( and physics ).

Big truck > little truck > big car > little car > bike > pedestrian.

When out cycling cars will often pull out of side streets in front of me, causing me to have to brake, in a way they wouldn't even consider if I was in a truck. I'm sure it's just bullying tactics and knowing I will come off second best in any collision.
Small cars - stunorthants26
As someone who drives a small, lilac car, most likely driven slowly by an old woman, but infact owned by a reasonably swift driving 29 yo male, I would say a resounding Yes.
I think it is purely an ego driven thing perhaps coupled with a ' I cant settle for being behind a car that I perceive should be going slowly, even if it isnt'.
Small cars - paulb {P}
We get a lot of this sort of thing in the 100HP Panda.

Funniest aspect of all is where you can see the thought process "Pandas are small and slow with lots of body roll going round corners, so therefore I can easily keep up" - and then they realise (too late) that it's the go-kart version with the tidy handling and the halfway-sensible power-to-weight.

Example: had a late-model Discovery trying to sniff the Panda's bottom on an NSL country road near me few weeks ago; we got to a sharpish bend, I nipped round it, he tried to keep up and damn nearly binned it into the ditch. Credit where it's due: he did keep his distance a bit better after that.

Stu's comment about "must over take car that should be going slowly" summarises the matter neatly, imo.
Small cars - TheOilBurner
Is it me or do more motorists drive more aggressively towards small cars.

Yes, is the simple answer. Human nature. Do you remember the big kids at school getting bullied much? :)
Small cars - strangehighways
It's probably a combination of things.

- Smaller cars tend to be driven slower (I probably accelerate and also drive my crappy 106d slower on average, than my old Merc SEC 500 because it just doesn't feel comfortable to cruise at high speed in it.

- Certain car drivers (seems to be new fast german cars) just seem to love to bear down on other cars and feel it is their god given right to sit on a cars tail until it pulls over (on the motorway).

On the other hand, I love it when I see people in small cars nailing it hard and really pushing it. It's great to see.
Small cars - oilrag
I just pull the Punto (white) van straight out in front of big cars and brake test them if they get too near..
Everyone drops back after a while - they know their place.
Small cars - bazza
On the other hand, I love it when I see people in small cars nailing it hard and really pushing it. It's great to see.....
Yes indeed, going to work on the bike this morning I was behind a very tidily driven old Peugeot 106, we hardly dropped below 60 in 7 or 8 miles of twisty A road, all nice and tidy and a joy to follow. Eventually it turned off, a middle-aged lady behind the wheel - great!
Small cars - jc2
If I drive a Ka,people-particularly in BMW and Volvo do not pull over,but when I drove my old Allard,people pulled over whether I wanted to pass or not!!