99 1.6 Engine Warning Light & Car Judders - festa
Hi There,

Wonder if anyone can give me their thoughts on a problem I'm getting with my 306 before I take it to Peugot and pay out a lot of coinage :(

My car is currently un-drivable.

2 years ago the engine warning light would occasionally flicker on, but would soon go off again and not cause me any bother. Someone told me it was likely down to a faulty sensor and nothing to worry about, as it was a common problem on the Peugeots.

It has driven fine since, then a couple of months ago it starting juddering as if about to stall, or in too high a gear. I pulled in thinking it might correct itself but it didn't. After calling for some help we noticed that it was also juddering while idle (out of gear, hand brake on) and under the bonnet the engine was physically rocking back and forward. Managed to drag it back home 20miles and stopped driving it until a friend could take a look. They did the following day, only for the problem to have disapeered. They disconnected the battery and reconnected which removed the warning light, and it drove fine again.

Then the weekend it has reappeared again in full force. Car barely moving, extreme loss of power and engine warning light flickering. I've stopped driving it so not to cause further damage, or get stranded.

At first we thought muck in the fuel line, but now that seems unlikely. Could it be an issue with the injectors? Or sensor related as others have suggested? I'm no mechanic, but we all know what main dealers are like, so i'd like to get some idea first before having them run up a huge bill.

If sensor related, are these cheap enough and easy enough to replace ourselves first as a hit or miss effort?

Some extra info...

It does not appear to be cold weather related.
It happens in any gear or when car is idle.
It happens regardless of fuel amount in tank.

Thanks in advance.
99 1.6 Engine Warning Light & Car Judders - shara
maybe ignition coils? The symptoms you describe are similar to what I had when my ignition coils failed on my clio. Warning light used to come on but go out again if the car was stopped and then restarted. Then one day all of a sudden started the car and got the symptoms you describe. Worth pointing out that from the time the warning light came on to the coils failing completely was approx 6 months