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05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - jamesy
I just went to top up the washer fluid and check the oil level today and noticed oil on the large intercooler pipe coming from a small crack next to the bracket that holds it onto the engine block, I understand this was a design fault on the 2005 focus.

I am a little bit worried as I thought only air is meant to be in that pipe and not oil, the oil level of the car is down slightly but I wouldn't have noticed this problem if I hadn't been looking under the bonnet (no loss of power, no hissing, no black smoke etc)

Is the 1st signs of the turbo going? The car has only done 60k so I would be really hacked off if it is!

Incidently I had the engine light on a few months back and Ford told me it was a dirty EGR valve and they cleaned it, the light went off but then came back on. I was told to take the revs a little higher and the light did go back off and hasn't been back on, could this be related?

Thanks in advance.

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05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - cabs
I had the same problem with my `05 TDCI 110 last July, at 37000 miles - it`s a common fault with the 1.6 diesel it would seem from HJ reports.

I noticed some oil mist on the pipe and adjacent parts of the engine after I bought the car in July 2007, but did not connect this with the pipe being cracked.

THe Ford dealer quoted £150 to replace the pipe. I had the existing one repaired and re-inforced at £60.

I was told the oil is not necessarily a turbo problem as the engine breather system feeds into the induction sysytem upstream of the turbo - I had exactly the same concern myself. In fact the turbo on mine seems fine. The performance, when the "over-boost" facility cuts in, has been transformed, and the smoking from the xhaust which led me to investigate has disappeared.

Warranty Direct do not cover the turbo to intercooler pipe; nevertheless although irritated, it was £60 well spent.

I would not want to run one of these cars without an extended warranty - if you are lucky, fine; I ran my last Ford, a 4x4 Sierra, to 250,000 and 15 years and the last 5 years more or less trouble free. But the modern diesels are something else - £150 for an injector, say 4 x £150 plus labour and a bill around £750 to £800 if things go wrong there. A DMF flywheel about the same; although the 1.6 seems to be a lot less prone here than e.g. the deplorable 2.0 diesel Mondeo. Fuel pumps etc again hideously expensive.

My premium for 12 months cover from Warranty Direct was £283 for "Extra care" whatever that means - with a limit of 52,000 miles - you would probably find cover more expensive at the higher mileage.

What I do now have, and other readers might care to note, is a pronounced knocking/rattle form the top end somewhere, which has developed since the last service at 37588 miles. This engine will not be long for this world as it si - it`s going in earlt next week We shall see - and also see the colour of WD`s extended cover.

I will return with information to this forum when I know more.

There is a private bet with the repairer ( who is a good egg) that it`s a push-rod maybe operating the fuel pump - a complete guess, I have no knowledge of this particular Ford/Peugeot engine.

The engine light could easily be the DPF filter - if you gave it a good hammering this might have cleaned it out. Bear in mind there is a service item at 37500 to check and top up the reservoir for the DPF fluid. If that has not been done, it could be relevant. Just to really cheer you up, a new DPF (the silver cannister thing on the front of the engine) is arouns £700 or so they say! But perhaps you can just ditch it - I think these engines originally came with and without DPF, so it`s worth researching. Let me know if you come up with a satisfactory answer.

Hope this is helpful.

Andrew Sanders

05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - jamesy
Thanks for the reply, I've also now read numerous posts on other forums about this and feel relieved that it is normal.

I have such a small split in the pipe that I am going to weld it shut myself as it just doesn't seem justified spending so much money on a new pipe.

I bought my car a lhd german import with 8000kms on the clock in the uk 2.5 years ago and took it with me when I moved to Finland where I live now as Finnish cars are so expensive (3x price of the uk) I live in the middle of nowehere and need something reliable. The car has now done 100,000kms and im not sure how much longer I am going to keep it. The good thing is I can sell it and get what I payed for it!

I haven't had any knocking its been serviced by ford so the dpf reservoir should have been topped up but will have to check that for sure, . I did have the engine light coming on alot which turned out to be the egr valve needing cleaning, I did read somewhere that Finnish fuel has a minimum 5% biofuel in it and the egr valve doesn't like it. Strangely since I got a russian visa and started filling up there once a week (its only 30 mins drive from me and 45p a litre) I haven't had any more egr problems :)

Thanks again
05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - Paul_i489

I have a 2005 1.6TDCI and have had the same issue with the intercooler pipe - replaced under warrenty. However I now have the same rattle from the top of the engine so I would be very interested to know what the fix is please... I have tried injector cleaner which may have reduced it slightly (not 100% sure). This rattle is worse when the temperature is low.

Any advise very welcome - thanks.

05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - stoorie

does anyone know where I can source a replacement intercooler pipe as I am getting the run around at the moment,with different descriptions and pictur3es that don't match what I am looking for.

05 1.6 tdci intercooler pipe - MikeG74

You guys need to start using BG products they basically have products that do clean your engine from harmful deposits.


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