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Shopping about to replace our 2006 Corolla at the end of October. Hyundai have no stock of i30's, i20's or i10's. Kia very limited stock of Souls and are quoting November delivery. The Soul Samba is out of production and the facelifted Ceed is supposedly on sale from 1st Oct - no stock of existing Ceed. Skoda supposedly have limited stock of the Roomsters. Toyota supposedly have limited stock of the Auris. Some models of the Jazz are order ony.
There was a report out today talking about the rise in value of used cars and the scarcity of used cars around three years old. I'm now not surprised at this. People who want to buy new and px their three year old car seem to be having to hold onto them as they cannot get new ones.
I seem to be left with a three year old Corolla I cannot part exchange for a new medium sized car. Looks like I'll have to MOT the Corolla and look to changeeither in November or early 2010.
What a change from early 2009!
No stock - orders only - 1066
i had this problem when i ordered my new car last week.
i30 was 3 months wait and so were most cars i looked at.
i bought a c3 picasso and luckily they had one in stock so can collect it next week.
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To some extent it deopends on how particular you are about colour and specification.

Most dealers (who should want to make the sale ASAP) will look around the country for the model you want: if one is available it only takes a week or two. But a factory order can take weeks or months according to how much in demand the car is.

If you're in a hurry, be prepared to take what is already in the UK.

The scrappage scheme has meant that there aren't many new cars around at the bottom end of the market: better that than more and more dealers going out of business.
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Picked our new i10 up yesterday, and the salesman told me very much the same story. They have effectively stopped taking confirmed orders; they are taking details on the understanding that the scrappage scheme is winding down and the customer may not get the deal they want.

Glad we got ours early, and a very nice little motor it is too.

There's another side to this as well; there are no more bargains to be had from cancelled orders, as there is a ready market for these from people who have been late getting on the scrappage bandwagon.

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