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Hi All,

As seems to be normal with renaults, my auto transmission no longer wishes to take me anywhere unless in reverse. Strange because it was fully reconditioned at a cost of £1200 just 20K miles ago. I suspect it's terminal because there are filings in the oil and the oil looked dark and burnt. I realise that these creatures are more complicated than the average human brain but the average human pocket cant affor £1200 every 20K miles so, I would really apppreciate any tips to either repair it or replace the whole transmission for a manual. If anyone knows do any other models like Laguna 2.0 8Valve, Scenic 2.0 8Valve use the same box or a box than can convert it would be most helpful. Renault are deaf dumb and blind when you ask this question.

I believe that all shells can either be fitted with manual and auto boxes without modification. If this is the case then all the correct holes should be in the right place.

I can find a doner car for the pedal set, cables etc.

I can find a decent manual 5 speed box.

I can find the dash replacement trim to change from the auto shift.

Has anyone done this before? I am concerned about certain requirements. I think the box and ECU are related so how do I create the relationship with the new box.

Are the drive shats the same.

Before anyone suggests sending it to the big renault heaven in the sky, which would probably be the the cheapest solution, I like it and I would like even more the fact that I beat it even with an average human brain.

Thanks in advance guys


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99 2.0 Auto Gear box either reppaired or change to - injection doc
mission or what! You will need a complete donar car to change to manual & you will need to change the ECu & imobilizer system etc etc etc etc. It aint worth it how ever much you love it. I saw some one attempt this some years ago on an espace & they gave up after 6 months & it rotted in the drive.
Good luck. Dont bite to the Challenge as its built into a renault to win every time!
Reverse it to a dealer & collect 2k & buy another car
99 2.0 Auto Gear box either reppaired or change to - steve_earwig
Saying that I have heard of cars converted to manual leaving the auto box ecu behind, once started you then turn the ecu off.

I've no idea what this entails and I'd still be concerned the block could be different.
99 2.0 Auto Gear box either reppaired or change to - injection doc
steve , the block won't be different, but ocassionally the crank can be. Yes the ECU on come cars are fine left alone. GM ECU's in early cars were for auto & manual but renaults are a law unto themselves as any trader will know!. best place for a renault is France.At least a French mechanic gets a 2hr lunch break to relive the frustration of working on them!
99 2.0 Auto Gear box either reppaired or change to - Falkirk Bairn
Economic Write-off IMHO unless you are strongly attached to the car - owning it for a long time!