00 1.9 Autogearbox won't change up - j knightley
Auto Gearbox normally works perfectly, but after a lot of stop-start driving in traffic, it refuses to change up, sticking in 1st or 2nd. After an hour or so, it works normally when restarted. Nothing shows on the diagnostics.
VW can't help. We changed a gearbox multifunction switch, which seemed to solve the problem, but now it has started again.
I am concerned as my wife does Meals- on Wheels, and has to do regular stop- start driving, and the fault is obviously dangerous.
00 1.9 Autogearbox won't change up - Dynamic Dave
Has the oil ever been changed?

If the box has a dipstick, what colour is the oil? If dark then it would be well worth changing it.
00 1.9 Autogearbox won't change up - j knightley
Many thanks - dynamic dave.
The answer is I don't know - you can't tell from the service book records, and our VW dealer who used to service the car has gone bust.
Anyway, I am going to change the oil this PM.
It's worth a try.