04 1.6 Gearbox stuck in limp-home mode - MCH
Hi, a colleague has a Focus C-Max diesel auto which is stuck in limp-home mode. Gearbox began to malfunction, so took it back to the dealer with all warnings lights on, the dealer was able to get the lights off, but gearbox is now permantly stuck in limp-home mode.

He has tried various garages/sources and has been told he needs new/rebuilt gearbox. Apparently this is a known fault by Ford, but they will not supply a part to fix it, but want 4,500 pounds for a new box, or 4,000 if you return the faulty one.

Has anyone got any other solutions apart from sourcing one from a scrappie, which might have the same fault. At the moment, the car is probably worth 1,000-1,500 as it stands, so he would be losing thousands but might have to let it go for that.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

{amended to correct model selected from Focus to C-Max}

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04 1.6 Gearbox stuck in limp-home mode - Collos25

Try these
04 1.6 Gearbox stuck in limp-home mode - MCH
Thanks for the very helpful replies - colleague is now considering his options!

04 1.6 Gearbox stuck in limp-home mode - Tommk4
Its a very long shot...But have you tried just re-setting it by disconnecting the battery for 30 mins or so?

You'll need to know the radio code.
04 1.6 Gearbox stuck in limp-home mode - R2-CMax
Oh dear, I think if your colleague was to post this in a specific C-Max forum he'd have no difficulty finding people to share his pain. I've had a C-Max (manual) for 5 years now, so have seen several tales of woe.

From my recollection, this combination of 1.6TDCi and CVT auto (called the CFT23) was a very troublesome combo and didn't last long in the lineup.

Your best bet is definitely to try an automatic specialist (somebody may be able to recommend one if they know where your colleague is based), get it fixed and get rid of it (which is a sad thing for another C-Max owner to have to say).