Moving it a ruse? - ukbeefy
I've seen an awful lot of car adverts on Autotrader/ebay etc where the owner claims to be moving overseas hence the sale of the car..

Is this just a fabrication/cover for the real reason for selling or do people think it is really true? Does anyone take any notice of the reason given for selling?

Just wondered if those in the trade knew what it really meant...does it mean someone who is going to be conveniently hard to get hold of afterwards? or is it implying that the person wants a quick sale?
Moving it a ruse? - alfatrike
i've seen a lot too. they might be going 'away', ask how long, will they get parole?
Moving it a ruse? - Armitage Shanks {p}
It is a bit like "Genuine reson for sale"! As if people wake up in the morning and think "What could I do to usefully fill my day? Oh yes, I'll sell the car" It may be to give the impression that they are being forced to sell and have a time limit and to try and give the impression that the asking price will very keen or fairly negotiable.
Moving it a ruse? - grumpyscot
Parkhurst prison is on the Isle of Wight - could that be classed as "overseas"?

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Moving it a ruse? - Mike H
Not always - I'm moving overseas in a week's time and need to sell my car sooner rather than later. So the answer is, that I want a quick sale. And it's not a scam. And I'd be happy to leave my phone number, as I have nothing to hide!

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