01 1.9 Brake pad stuck - jonlucpicard
My 2001 Scenic has recently started to pull to the left under heavy braking. It seems fine driving around town but when braking in stop start traffic on the motorway it pulls to the left, leading me to believe that i had partial breaking on the drivers side.
My first thought was that one or both of the guide pins had siezed on the drivers side caliper slide, but on inspection this is not the case and both are moving freely.
However the inside pad was stuck solid and i had to lever it out with a hammer and screwdriver.
The outside pad and both the passenger side pads have about half the wear of the drivers side inside pad so it has been jammed on against the disc.
I'm going to fit new discs and pads on the front but i'd like to know what has caused this, could it be that the brakes have overheated causing the pad to get stuck?
01 1.9 Brake pad stuck - piston power
If it pulls to the left the problem is the right hand brake, the left is working hence it pulls to the left.

Probably a sticking caliper slide or sticking/seized piston.

Your fitting new pads and discs anyway so check the piston seal see if split and check slides of caliper.

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