Silent danger. - 1400ted

No, not the results of a recent curry engorgement but another story in the Manchester Evening News.
5 year old girl walked off the kerb in her own road and smack into the side of a Prius running on electric. Fortunately it was only doing about 10 mph as it was a council 'patrol ' car looking for ASB etc.
Little girl received cut and grazes, presumably from the tarmac and told her mum and police that she didn't hear a car coming.
Refreshingly, the mother attached no blame to the driver and, for a change, it seems no pound signs lit up in her eyes.....unlike so many others !
A slight niggle in my mind is why a 5 year old is allowed to cross the road on her own....but I don't know the road so I can't judge.
Just glad she was ok.

Silent danger. - Lud
why a 5 year old is allowed to cross the road on her own....

No reason to suppose she is ted. Five is mpbile, willing, swayed by the passing moment, quite unable to remember in the heat of the moment some vaguely remembered earnest stricture from the authorities who always make everything all right anyway so why bother...

They're real little devils. You have to watch them like a hawk.
Silent danger. - 1400ted
Yes, I agree, Lud. I think in this case the mother did allow her to see her friend across the road home and then come back on her own.
We have 2 x 4 1/2 yr olds and don't even let them near the kerb ( grandkids, I'm not a late starter ! )