Log book vs receipts - icujimmer
Just been to look at a 2000 Polo that I'm considering buying.
This might be a stupid question BUT ... it says it has a full service history, and the guy just has receipts for all the services it has had, rather than stamps in a log book.
All the receipts look bona fide, they tally with the mileage, and the services have been carried out more or less yearly.
Any cause for concern or is this perfectly normal!?
Thanks in advance!
Log book vs receipts - alfatrike
main dealer or independant? long out of waranty i'd expect.
Log book vs receipts - Kevin
Which is easier to forge?

A stamp in a log book or a receipt on Co. headed paper?

I'd much rather see receipts for services, MOT certificates etc. than a logbook.

If there are also receipts for tyres, brakes or other consumables then you can be pretty sure that the owner is being straight with you.

Log book vs receipts - icujimmer
Thanks - good point on the forgery front!
Appreciate your tips.
Cheers, J