05 1.4 tdi servicing query - stevegr
Hello all,

I am looking at buying a 2005 1.4tdi VW Polo with 47,000 miles on the clock. According to the handbook it did 30,000 miles in 1 year with 1 lady keeper, then a following 17k with another female keeper.

It's only had 1 service though - done at 30,000 miles. The garage said they will service the car and MOT it if I want to buy the car. I assume the cambelt will need changing in approx 13k miles time?

Should I be wary of this service record or am I nitpicking? I thought a car needed a service at every 10k miles/1 year which ever comes first.

Many thanks in advance for any replies, they'll be greatly appreciated as I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to cars.

05 1.4 tdi servicing query - daveyjp
It will be on variable servicing and 30,000 from the 1.4TDi is possible, especially if this mileage is covered in just a year.

I had an A2 with the same engine and it only had one service in almost 50,000 miles (I traded just before it's second service), but it's important the correct oil is used.

If you do buy it, but don't expect to do more than 15,000 a year get it changed to 10,000 mile/annual services.
05 1.4 tdi servicing query - oilrag
I wouldn`t touch it with a bargepole Steve. There are plenty of cars..

You might find one where the owner has been caring enough to pay for an interim oil and filter change .
No evidence offered in support of my view that it`s better ;-)

It`s been a good move though for the first two owners, saving money on oil changes...

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