03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - see_a_moon
ive just driven my car over to germany as im posted with the army, got my EU lights on and all that but have failed my first bfg road worthyness test due to my left rear fog light not working. ive just had a look at each side and the working foglight has a blue and black wire going to the connecter but the left side is missing this wire. any advice on how to get the left hand fog light working would be trumendously appreciated.

cheers guys
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - topbloke
this could be interesting, just had a look at the wireing diagrams to confirm my thoughts the lights are can bus controled and run from the REC (rear electrical centre) looking at the diagram they show the blue/black wire to both rear lamps that said if yours are not there it seems that it wont be straight forward you could run a wire from one side to the other but i would expect the rec to put up a fault code on dash , the only way that i can see it being done (even then i am not sure if it would work)would be to take it to a dealer and see if it can be programed in via tech 2, not come across this before, i would be interested in the outcome ,Regards TB
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - Victorbox
If its anything like my 06 Zafira it may only have a working foglamp on the offside (right side in UK) - I only discovered this after following a similar age Astra.
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - jc2
Being RHD,it probably only has o/s light connected;an auto electrician could disconnect and run wiring across car to n/s light.
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - Dynamic Dave
As mentioned, the Vectra-C only has one working foglight - the offside one for the UK. It's also mentioned in the handbook, along with the bulb in the nearside cluster can be used as a spare bulb as all the bulbs in the rear lights are 12v 21w.

There is mention over on Vectra-c.com where people have wired the nearside one up to the offside one without putting the bulb failure warning light on. I can't see how it doesn't put the fail light on though as double the current (2 x 21 watt bulbs) is being drawn.

One of the many reasons for only having one working rear fog light is that it is less likely to obscure the brake lights when it's on.

I would imagine as Topbloke says, a Tech2 session may well enable the other one. Vectra-c's aren't only sold in the UK, so in countries where they drive on the other side of the road, the nearside foglight would have to be enabled instead of the offside one.

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03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - jc2
If you read his OP ,he says the wiring is not there and no matter how you play with Tech 2,you will need that wiring!!!!
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - Dynamic Dave
Good point jc2.
03 2.0 Rear fog light problems - elekie&a/c doctor
I think I would go with the idea of disconnecting the existing wire to the o/s lamp and transfering it to the corresponding pin onto the n/s light.As long as the REM "sees" a load of the bulb in circuit ,then it should work (?).hth