New Golf delivery - dodo
I have ordered a new Golf VI Tdi under scrappage. The delivery date keeps moving - car has been ordered but delivery has slipped from late August to late September or early October. The MOT on my old car was up so te garage has removed it for destruction. Are VW way behind on their Golf delivery promises?
New Golf delivery - jbif
Are VW way behind on their Golf delivery promises? >>

"volks in the know" suggest that VW may be giving preference to the Euro zone market at the detriment of the weak £ market. If and when the £ gets stronger, you can bet that the supplies to the UK will pick up sharpish.
For example:
January 09 : £10,000 at Euro 1.05 gives them 10,500 Euros.
whereas today: £10,000 at Euro 1.17 gives them 11,700 Euros.
In a few months time?: £10,000 at Euro 1.40 gives them 14,000 Euros.
[Enough to allow VW to buy Porsche ?]

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New Golf delivery - jag
was speaking to vw salesman last week, he said that anyone ordering a new golf just now won't get delivery until next february, especially the 1.4tsi model. jag.
New Golf delivery - ijws15
Son is expecting a 1.4Tsi in the next few days, but then he is on the VW staff scheme and even they could not tell him when it was coming until last week.

Sister has just ordered a 1.6D and is expected in three months (company car)
New Golf delivery - oldgit
Yes, if you are ordering from the factory, one with the 1.4 TSI engine, then you won't get it until next Feb/March.
I took delivery of my new car last week after a wait of just over 5 months and part of this wait was shortage of the 1.4 TSI engine in addtion to specifying a sunroof.
However the car was worth the wait as it is a considerable improvement over my old MK5. It is much quieter and smoother and better finished in MOST respect although, to date, the petrol consumption isn't as good as my old Golf with the 1.6 FSI engine.
I hope this wil improve as I put more miles on it.
New Golf delivery - tack
Oldgit, I have done over 2000 miles since 30th June. Averaging about 40mpg on mixed driving. On decent run, getting over 50mpg. It's a DSG. Is yours?
New Golf delivery - oldgit
Oldgit I have done over 2000 miles since 30th June. Averaging about 40mpg on mixed
driving. On decent run getting over 50mpg. It's a DSG. Is yours?

No, mine is a 6 speed manual. The trouble is that during the 'running in' period I'm changing down a lot more so as not to stress or load the engine unnecessarily.
New Golf delivery - Neilly
When did he order his car?

I'm very interested as I ordered mine in early June and have a week 37 for delivery. Not convinced this is going to happen though. Mainly because of all the negative comments here!

Any way I can get a definitive delivery date?

Also, does anyone know the exact reasons for the delays? I have a 1.4 TSI SE on order.

All help much apprecitaed.


New Golf delivery - tack
Anyone wanting the new Golf might want to ring round VW dealers and ask what they have had assigned to them. I wanted a bog standard 1.4Tsi SE auto and wasn't fussed on colour. They had a pearl black one at the docks awaiting delivery. I had it within 2 weeks. I am well chuffed with it, and black looks fantabuloso on it.
New Golf delivery - daveyjp
Neilly - you won't get a delivery date until the car has a scheduled production week. Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks after this.

Reason for delay is the demand for this engine - it's being used in every VAG brand of vehicle and is being chosen over the diesel engines - VW are also marketing this engine in a big way as being as powerful as a 2 litre with the economy of a 1.4 (and in reality the diesels).

I have seen adverts on hoardings, the back of buses and even a cashpoint yesterday.

VAG had a similar problem when the 2.0TDi was first launched.

VAG only allocate a set number of vehicles for UK markets. Once this allocation has gone dealers have to wait until the next allocation window is opened.
New Golf delivery - Neilly
Thanks for the info.
Dealer called Friday saying they had a production week of week 37. He sounded quite positive that I should be getting the car in September.
Fingers crossed!

New Golf delivery - Neilly
Got a call yesterday and confirmed production build week is now week 38, so hopefully set for an October delivery.

Salesman also mentioned that production of the 1.4 TSI had stopped! I questioned if it was a parts problem but he said it wasn't.

If it's not parts, I cannot see why production would stop.

Anyone know anything here?


New Golf delivery - Bill Payer
Anyone know anything here?

Saw this in another forum and it's from a couple of months ago - interesting that at that time 60% of the orders were for retailer stock!

"Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS - 2009 production full
26 Jun 09

With immediate effect the Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS will only be available to customer factory order. The popularity of this engine and strong orderbank means we have sufficient orders in the system to fill our 2009 production allocation for this engine.

High levels of demand throughout Europe mean we have not been able to secure additional engines, making this action necessary.

We currently have over 3,500 orders for this engine derivative awaiting confirmation, 60 per cent of which are Retailer stock orders. All orders currently in the system will be built and every effort will be made to prioritise customer orders by date ordered. Please use or amend any existing stock orders you have to fulfil future customer requirements.

We also have a further 2,000 units (customer and Reatailer stock orders) already produced or confirmed for production.

New orders for the 1.4TSI 122PS
Any new customer orders placed for the Golf 1.4 TSI 122PS will be scheduled to be built in early 2010: please ensure that you manage your customers? lead-time expectations.

There are over 3,000 Golf S 1.4 80PS manual three- and five-door derivatives freely available within importer stock and many other derivatives available through Dialog.

The delays in production of the 1.4 TSI 122PS engine are not restricted to the Golf, and we will continue to monitor production and may take similar action on other models if required.

Should you have difficulty managing your customer's expectations, please contact the Retailer Sales and Generalist team on 0845 850 8585 (option 6)."
New Golf delivery - Chris79
I got a A3 with the 1.4 TSI engine in it last Sept. At the time I was told there was a 6 month wait for that engine, It looks like things have not picked up then!.