97 1.6 brake problems!! please help.... - penelopepitstop
Hi i have a passat 1.6, its done 124K, the other day i was driving down the motorway at about 70mph and i had a sudden loss of power, only seemed to drive in 3rd gear, came off next junction and noticed loads of smoke coming from the o/s rear wheel, so pulled over into layby, i could hardly the drive the car as the seemed like the brakes were totally seized on.
I waited 5 hours, the car has cooled down, then it drove o.k at low speeds back home.
So i had abit of investigation today to see what was wrong, i took the O/S rear wheel off and caliper and pads etc. I noticed the pads were pretty good pads, but were worn down on the edges (and smelt!) the discs seem o.k, tried the handbrake and that pushed the caliper out and so did the brakes, i know you need a special tool to get the piston back in, but it does seem like the caliper is o.k, (no leaks) power steering fluid is the right level.
my question is, what could have caused this binding on, if it is not the piston? any help would be appreciated?
97 1.6 brake problems!! please help.... - Peter.N.
Did you loose power after you braked or did it happen spontainiously?
97 1.6 brake problems!! please help.... - penelopepitstop
i dont think i did brake when the actual incident happened, it just lost power, i could not accelerate except in 3rd gear?
97 1.6 brake problems!! please help.... - Peasant
was that the only brake affected? maybe that was just on a little more than the others, or maybe it is somehow sticking. I'd flush the whole system and see how it goes after that.
Assuming tha caliber wasn't seized or stick when you pulled it apart.
Always be careful when working on the brakes.
97 1.6 brake problems!! please help.... - penelopepitstop
Hi thanks for your reply, yes i took the caliper completely off the car, and bought a piston rewind tool, the piston seems absolutely fine and goes in and out quite happily. However in answer to your question about it being only one wheel, to be honest i think it could have been all 4 wheels that were binding on, all seemed unusually hot, but it was only the o/s rear that was smoking??

At the weekend ill try the other side (rear n/s) caliper, and also bleed entire system and see what happens, did have a look at master cylinder, but it looks brand new? also i did notice a hole in the trim underneath the windscreen whereby water could be leaking into the battery and along that area where the master cylinder is and vrake servo, you dont think that might have something to do with it??

thanks in advance for your help