Lane Changing indicators - nippa
From new , my lane changing indicator function would only work say 9 times out of 10.
It is supposed to flash the indicators 3 times (a bit like a BMW or Mini) and is vital on the Motorway.

Well it didn't work as advertised so the switch gear was changed but with no improvement you can guess the Mercedes Benz response...

"that's the way it is you have to live with it"

Sure enough I had shown the same fault in a Brand New Car in the Showroom so I guess it's one problem that will cost MB money to fix.

After a year with my C220 my advice is don't buy one.
It's a lovely drive and otherwise well constructed but the controls have let it down.
Not since my Volvo 440 in 1991 have I felt so bad about a car.
It has to go.
Lane Changing indicators - Dynamic Dave
It is supposed to flash the indicators 3 times (a bit like a BMW or Mini) and is vital on the Motorway.

Or you could simply cancel them yourself just like in the good old days ;o)
Lane Changing indicators - LikedDrivingOnce
Well you wouldn't like the indicators on a BMW, then.
I used to criticise Bimmer drivers for not using them, but now I know why.

OTOH, the rest of the controls are silky smooth and feel like they'll last 100 years.
Lane Changing indicators - the swiss tony
Cant say I ever use the lane changing function... if fact I didnt even know the C class had it!

I prefer to make decisions about how many 'flashes' are needed, subject to road conditions...
in fact, I prefer to control most things, rather than let the car tell me what is best.
Lane Changing indicators - boxsterboy
nippa, don't stand for that 'they all do that, sir', because they don't!

On the other hand I've driven 4 different W204s, and they have all said the right rear seatbelt wasn't fixed when there was no-one in the back!
Lane Changing indicators - Bill Payer
I've never seen this issued mentioned in the UK Mercedes forums.

I've got the previous model C Class, which has this function, as do daughters SEAT Ibiza and Mitsubishi Colt, and I'd say it's a somewhat random function on all 3 cars. I find it annoying to get a multiple flash where you only really wanted one (perhaps to say "thanks" to someone for letting you in).

It's hardly a "vital" function. Many cars don't have it. If I really need to indicate then I make a more postive attempt at it rather than just nudging the lever.

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Lane Changing indicators - Happy Blue!
Correct. It is a complete waste of time function. Simply press the stalk down for a couple of seconds and you have what you need. We have a Mercedes A-Class withthe function. My wife has no idea it exists and I don't use it. Pointless and Pointless to complain about it.
Lane Changing indicators - ForumNeedsModerating
They're slightly irritating & awkward to use in my view. You have to make a consciously
'light' touch to activate - too much & they're 'on' , not enough & you re-do the action - the last thing you want when indicating is required.

Occasionally, I've inadvertantly brushed the indicator stalk when going to the cruise-control stalk & flashed 3 times (no way of cancelling it once it's going..) - not clever & slightly confusing for other road users.

Lane Changing indicators - Altea Ego
Got it on my Seat. Complete waste of space. Three clicks is no where near long enough to say you are changing lane.

Lane Changing indicators - b308
Got it on my Roomie as well, and actually I think its a good thing... especially useful when going round roundabouts and just about to turn off... and if used correctly on motorways i agree with the OP, its very useful...

Can't understand why some people get so wound up about it and go all negative, though...

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Lane Changing indicators - Lud
I am glad to say this technical breakthrough has passed me by. How does it operate? Does the thing signal every time you turn the wheel, or what?
Lane Changing indicators - Bill Payer
How does it operate?

You just touch the lever up or down and it should indicate 3 times.

I think you can cancel it by touching the lever the opposite way, but by the time you do that it's probably done its 3 flashes anyway so you end up indicating the other way.
Lane Changing indicators - ijws15
From memory on the Skoda it flashes 6 times.

Drove a C class a few years ago that had it, and it worked.

Lane Changing indicators - Dynamic Dave
I think you can cancel it by touching the lever the opposite way

On my Vectra you can cancel the indicators by touching the lever in the same direction or opposite direction. I find it easier to flick the lever the same direction to cancel so as not to accidentally put the opposite ones on.

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Lane Changing indicators - bathtub tom
What on earth was wrong with the old system of just giving the arm a light press for as long as you wanted them to flash?
Lane Changing indicators - Steve Pearce
Nothing. However I have these on my Qashqai and like them, just a quick flick on the stalk and I can get on with driving.