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Private Parking Charge Notice Appeal - Jedguard
Hi People,

My 1st time here - I have been issued with a parking notice for parking on a unauthorised parking at high bank side in Stockport by a private company.

My partner was in the car while I was in the solicitors when she saw the parking attendants she moved EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS SAT IN THE CAR!

We received a letter through the post saying that they hadn?t received payment for a ticket! - they sent a photographic evidence that we had been parked there and we sent a letter appealing saying my partner was sat in the car and moved it when she saw the traffic wardens.

they have now written to us 2 months later saying they have not upheld our appeal and have to pay £150 even though my partner was sat in the car!

They are apparently a member of BPA because they quite the guidelines that they have sent the letter even if we haven?t received it then we still have to pay the increased amount - even though they are not registered on the BPA website
The company is Valid Parking Ltd

Can anyone help with this!
Private Parking Charge Notice Appeal - FotheringtonThomas
If you're really, really worried, see my psot here:


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Private Parking Charge Notice Appeal - Dwight Van Driver
You need to establish that the parking area you were on was or was not covered by a No Waiting Order/Off Street Parking Order made by the Local Authority. You can check this by phoning the Traffic Management section of your LA.

Or is it a totally 'Private' concern. This is generally indicated by the tickets stating that it is a PARKING CHARGE NOTICE whereas the LA's will be headed PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE.

If you find that there is a Traffic Order then this should be actioned. Does the Order contain an exclusion for setting down/ picking up passengers? If is does whilst stretching it may be grounds for an appeal?

If it is a Private concern you need to read to these



As to what action you take is down to you.


Private Parking Charge Notice Appeal - 1400ted
Sounds like a private parking company...
if so.....
They cannot enforce a penalty by law.
Ignore them, it will fizzle out in the end, I took one to the end last year, they tried to intimidate me into paying....fat chance !
Don't write back to them, it's not unknown for similar outfits to copy signatures.
E Mail them if you want to tell them where to go, but you're not obliged to communicate in any way
Plenty on here to read about it.
They make their money from people who roll over and pay up


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