Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - mustangman
I'm just curious here, swmbo's VW Eos bleeped its low pressure warning, and I discovered a nail in a front tyre. :-(

On examination the tyre tread depth blocks were only just clear of the tyres running surface, so it will be 2 new front tyres please.

Mileage is 22.5k I would have thought to have done better than this, would this be typical for the fronts of a fwd car with a diesel engine, driven normally ?

( For replacement Event Tyres are looking good on the price front )
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - RickyBoy
You'd be lucky to reach 20K for fronts on most vehicles here in MK ? roundabout city!

I've just had 2 x ContiSport 3's put on the front of the vRS (I travelled to TW Tyres/Rugby ? excellent service/price ? on the recommendation from this site). Mileage is close to 72,000.

Last pair of CS 2's were fitted on 13/12/2007 with the mileage being 56,000! I don't drive hard, I only drive fast(ish) in a straight line, I don't give it the beans, etc.

I guess they just don't make 'em like they used to?
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - diddy1234
Same in Stevenage (roundabout city also).

If I get 20,000 miles out of front tyres I would count myself lucky.

I do notice that the front passenger tyre wears quicker than all of the others (turning right mostly ?)
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Altea Ego
32k from fronts on Seat Altea XL 1.9d driven with gusto, Over half of that must be motorway miles tho

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Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Clk Sec
Just under 15.5k for the fronts on my carefully driven Mazda6.

Clk Sec
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - RobertyBob
Over 27k for the last couple of sets on my Mondeo - and not even close to the Goodyear wear bars.

Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - stunorthants26
I have Hankooks all round on my Charade and the fronts had 7mm when I bought the car and have just under 6mm now - 17,000 miles later, so maybe the VW is heavy over the front end? Light cars are light on tyres yay for me :-)
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Armitage Shanks {p}
20K front and 30K, gentle non-motorway use in a 307
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Armitage Shanks {p}
and 30k Rear
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - b308
Would agree with the others, 20k on a fwd with a hefty diesel would seem ok.

But the question is a bit like "how long is a piece of string"... there are so many variables affecting tyre wear that a figure is very difficult to agree on, its all about personal circumstances...

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Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Steve Pearce
In my previous car (diesel Picasso) I got 55k from the front and 85k from the rears. My current car (diesel Qashqai) has just had a new front set at 23k.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - OldSock

I'd say there are far too many variables involved to say what is either 'reasonable' or 'normal'.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - ifithelps
About 25k from the fronts of my diesel Focus hatchback.

The rears would have gone on a bit longer, but I changed all four to save a second visit to the tyre place.

Agree there are lots of variables, but on t'other hand, 20-30k seems about the going rate.

Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - daveyjp
Friends have an EOS which is just three years old and has done just short of 50,000 miles. They have just had their third set of front tyres fitted, so low 20k seems 'normal'.

First A3 did 23k, second A3 with 17inch tyres did 18k - both sets changed at 3mm.

I convinced town running kills tyres - our Aygo does mainly town journeys with lots of low speed manouvering - looking at the front tyres I don't expect to get much more than 15k out of them.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - FP
I must be a dreadful mimser, to judge by previous comments!

(To my great credit!) I don't keep detailed records of this kind of thing, but I reckon I replaced my Michelin Energy fronts on the Peugeot 306 HDi after about 50K and the rears somewhat later.

There was plenty of (legal) tread still on the rears, but one had developed a bulge on the inside face which caused wheel wobble and which scared the life out of me when I finally realised what I had been driving around on. (I thought I had lost a weight from a front tyre.)

My driving is very mixed - probably 60% on dual carriageway/motorway, the rest town and occasional country lanes.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - RickyBoy
'(To my great credit!) I don't keep detailed records of this kind of thing...'

To my great credit I do! I've found that when 'selling-on' the majority of folk appreciate the fact that I've kept ALL invoices for the motor I'm attempting to flog to them, be they for tyres, exhausts, windscreens, lightbulbs, electrical repairs, etc.

FULL service/vehicle history ? it does exactly what is says on the tin...
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - ifithelps
..FULL service/vehicle history ? it does exactly what is says on the tin...

Yes, here's the coachwork bill for that rear end shunt, and here's the bills for the three alternators its needed - they fail every nine months or so, you know.

And here's the bills for the batteries I've put on it because the alternator sometimes takes one with it.

And here's the bill for the new door and ignition locks after it was twoc'ed.


Some service vehicle/history is best neither seen nor heard of. :)

Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - RickyBoy

Some service vehicle/history is best neither seen nor heard of. :)

That goes without saying ifithelps! I quite obviously never told the purchaser of my Rover 216GTI many moons ago that I'd repaired the broken wing-mirror (internal plastic) bracket with two bits of Meccano and a whole lotta Araldite now did I?...
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - harib
Not quite the same car, but my Seat Leon 2.0 TDI has just had new fronts at 17.5K - They were Pirelli P7s
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
My now departed Hyundai Coupe 2l got 17,500 miles from the fronts (at ~2.5mm). Gently driven due to dodgy steering and grip.
I'm expecting the new turbo diesel Octavia to be as unreasonable as my old Passat which never got more than 13000 miles and some brands only 10000 miles from fronts.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Alan
I would consider 22k very good tyre life for a front wheel drive car. I averaged half that from a pug 309 and 40K for the rear. It was not a case of harsh driving or poor tracking either.
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - ijws15
Current TD Octavia had two front tyres (original were goodyear) at around 17k.

Replaced for Dunlops (Lease co would not let me have Michelins) and they currently have about 6mm tread after a further 18k, rears are still original and probably good for around 50-60k.

Tyre for her EOS was nearly £200!

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Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - Dave_TD
My Octavia SDi taxi used front tyres at a rate of one pair every 20,000 miles. Rears lasted 70,000 miles although in 250,000 miles only one set of rears actually stayed on the rear axle from new down to the wear markers, due to punctures, tyre rotation etc.

Front brake pads lasted 30,000 miles, front discs were changed with every third set of pads. Rear shoes were changed every 100,000 miles. Front suspension bottom wishbones every 50,000 miles. I don't think anything else of note wore out!

Dave TD
Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - madf
30k Plus on A4 TDI fronts (Michelin).
Yaris fronts 22-26k (Bridgestone)

Mark4 Fiesta fronts 30k.(Firestone?)

Tyre life - what's reasonable ? - spikeyhead {p}
Just replaced the michelins that were on the front of the Mondeo with Kunhos. The Michelins did about 19k miles and still had 2.5mm left on

ETA I've got through a set of rears on a Caterham 7 in less than 1000 miles, but it was great fun

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