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98 1.6 snapped spring and creaking noise. - Mookfish
Over the last few days I have noticed a creaking noise from the steering, I have also found that the creaking happens when I bounce the front of the car. Also the noise is also apparent when turning the wheels with the front of the car on axle stands.

The noise appears to be comming from the o/s, this afternoon I was replacing the nearside wishbone and found that the n/s spring has snapped up near the top. Everything on the o/s seems to be fine.

So questions.

1) Could the creaking noise be because the o/s spring is taking extra weight? If that's not it what else should I be looking at.

2) Should I replace the shocks as well as the springs, bearing in mind that I will probably only keep the car for another year.

3) Is it worth getting complete struts from a scrapyard or would that be asking for trouble?

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