02 2.0 Failed side and turn indicator lights - Malc
My turn indicators, emergency and side lights are not working.
I replace fuse #25 and it blows immediately.
I have removed and inspected front and back light assemblies and there appears to be no fault and no blown bulbs.
There must be a short somewhere, but I don't know where to start looking.
I would greatly appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance. Malc
02 2.0 Failed side and turn indicator lights - Malc
A short add-on to the above. I examined the fuse box and found that the garage put the fuse back in the wrong slot, so my side lights now work. But the turn/emergency lights 15amp fuse still blows. The Ford main dealer could offer no help yesterday.
A short list of possible faults from a Mondeo electrical engineer would really help.

Thank you.
02 2.0 Failed side and turn indicator lights - elekie&a/c doctor
The common factor for this fuse and the failed circuits is the "gems" module.This is a multi-function controller that operates most of the timed functions on the car.It is situated just above and to the right of the accelerator pedal.It has around 5 plug in connectors.hth
02 2.0 Failed side and turn indicator lights - Malc
Thanks very much for this Elekie&A/C doctor. I took my car to an expert auto electrician in Finchampstead today. He was very thorough with testing and dignostics. He went to the MFC under the steering column and by means of elimination (by cutting, then re-soldering the relevant wires) found the fault in the wiring to the front offside lights in the loom beyond the bulkhead, just below the RH screen wiper. By repositioning the loom away from the wiper mechanism the fault literally disappeared off the ohmeter and we couldn't repeat the leakage. It all now works fine and if there is a next time, I know exactly where to look.

This brilliant engineer also fixed a fault in the engine management system and the car seems to be running much smoother.

Thanks for your interest everyone and special thanks to Phil, the auto electrician, for his patience and perseverence.