SORN question. - beverlence
I did a sorn for my car as i was selling it and have now lost my job as my company car is going back so i need to use my peugeot, it still has tax on it as i did not send it back so do i need to inform the dvla to un declare the sorn or can i just drive it. I cannot find any information anywhere.


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SORN question. - Dwight Van Driver
The object of SORN is to provide DVLA with continuity in relation to the their record of a vehicle.

It is either taxed on untaxed (notified SORN).

The only action to unSORN a vehicle is to purchase an Excise Licence.

There is no criminal offence of failing to declare SORN but after a month of being untaxed and no SORN it does give DVLA power to impose a £80 surcharge.

So in your case whilst you have submitted a SORN your vehicle still has a current Excise Licence then there is no reason why you should not use it, providing of course all your other documents are in order.

SORN question. - Dwight Van Driver
One thing I omitted :

Have you informed DVLA of change of ownership?

If so then you should let them know that you have changed your mind and are retaining the vehicle so that their records can be put back to their original state.

SORN question. - b308
DVD, reading the OP I'm not 100% clear... if he had applied for a SORN whilst the car was still taxed he would get a refund on the outstanding tax if he asked for the SORN to start straight away? Therefore if the DVLA have already got his SORN (ie he'd already posted it to them before he lost his job and the circumstances changed) the car would now be SORN'd and untaxed and the refund on its way back to him.

Personally, if I were him, I'd phone up the DVLA before taking it out on the road to find out whats happenning at their end, or he could be driving an untaxed vehicle if the DVLA have already processed his SORN.

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SORN question. - oldnotbold
No RFL refund without returning the disc, so my guess is that it is still taxed.
SORN question. - Dwight Van Driver

It's all in the interpretation of the post and your commnents quite valid.

He makes no mention of sending in V14 (rebate PLUS Sorn) or if it comes to that V33 (RFL lost) or having received any rebate from DVLA which would negate his question.
All he states is that he made a SORN - that he was taking it off the road.

SORN question. - RaineMan
It is probably worth checking the status using the Vehicle Enquiry on the DVLA website. This will say if it is taxed or SORN'd