Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - tawse

The gear change on my Honda CRV that I got at the beginning of April has been getting worse in recent weeks.

It was notchy to begin with, especially going into first, from first to second and coming down from third to second, but I assumed, and hoped, it was just stiffness from being new. (I notice that other C RV owners on here have posted of the same thing.).

I have now done 1900 miles in it and it has got stiffer and more notchy to the point that it is a difficult and uncomfortable drive - nothing flows and my right arm aches after short journeys so... I did some googling over the weekend and one of the top hits was from the CRV owners club where there is a thread on this subject.

According to the thread, which I have posted the link to below because I think it will be of interest to others, Honda have admitted to there being a problem and are working on it.

I understand from the thread that they have developed a fix for the petrol models but, as of the beginning of the month (July 2009), were saying that a fix was about 6 weeks away for the diesel models. In the meantime, it appears numerous CRV owners have taken their cars back for oil changes, linkage changes, etc, but to no joy.

Anyhow, I need to take my car into my local Honda dealer this week - I assume I need to do this to make them aware of the fact now even though, according to the above link, there is now fix yet. My plan is to print out the above link's post to show to them. I have never taken a car in for a warranty claim before so can you guys give me any tips on what I need to do - will they log the problem there and then, do I need to get any dated receipt or paperwork from them, etc, etc.

As I say I have not done this before and, with the car becoming increasingly difficult to drive, I want it noted that there is a problem now at the low mileage even though, again as the above link, that there appears to be an acknowledged Honda problem even though, as of yet, no Honda fix.



Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Mr X
I never understand problems like this occurring when the vehicle hits the showrooms. After all, it has spent at least a year in black plastic cladding being driven hundreds of thousands of miles in hot countries, cold countries up hill and down dale.

The engine and gearbox will have spent a year running 24/7 on some test bed rig before hand.

So how does it reach the market place with such a fault ?
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Altea Ego
because your test mule was hand built, not put together in 28 minutes on a production line.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - OmNo
I think all car companies know that if they test something different to what they make - they will not get the same result with a normally produced car. It would mean that all that testing would be a waste of money, so can't really agree with your statement Ego.
Clearly there is a problem and Honda are working a fix. If they treat customers the same as they did when the Accord auto box when belly up then people will be good for 5 years yet.
As pug says - these guys know how to treat customers - so yes it is an unfortunate problem now but once a fix is sorted it will be rolled out even after warranty (up to 5 years old).
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - BobbyG
Tawse, I once had a similar type issue with a Renault Scenic I had. Slight difference was that Renault were not admittingt here was a problem but I found details on the web of the problem and what the solution was that one dealer had found.

My dealer knew nothing of it but warmed to my approach of looking for help, offering a print out of a possible solution, asking for his input and his expertise and this worked well for me, problem was resolved and dealer advised that he would be notifying Renault UK of this.

I find this "gentle" approach works a whole load better than going in all guns blazing telling them their car is rubbish (not suggesting you would do this). You are not looking for a fix that day, you are wanting to officially log the problem so that when the fix becomes available you are contacted promptly.

Not had any experience of Honda dealers, but remember that the dealer may know nothing of this problem and will have received no communication from Honda on it! Dealers , in general, do not browse user forums!!!

Good luck and keep us updated.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - tawse
That is my plan Boby - simply go in, make them aware of the issue, ask them to look at it and make them aware that Honda have apparently realised there is a problem. Gently, gently.

I did not buy the car from my local dealer so am just concerned they might be a offish but the warranty is with Honda and they will, I assume, get paid for the work by Honda when Honda find a a fix for the diesel.

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
Hi Tawse
Thanks for this. I told you earlier on one of the threads i was experiencing a bit of notchiness. Its still there i have only done about 2500. Think ill go and take it to local dealer see what they say good that Honda are looking at this. I also have a bit of a tinny sound as i pull away from the engine that is. I wonder what Pug has to say on this.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Pugugly
Nearly 9k up - I felt it was clunky when I first had it. Certainly no worse than it was and not on my radar until I read this thread. Will analyze tomorrow.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - tawse
From what I can gather there have been CRV owners complaining for well over a year now about this but, from what I can see, it appears that the problem has only been acknowledged in the recent months on the petrol model and now on the diesel model.

I think it is important to make Honda aware of this problem so that, well, the more who complain the more chance there is of them getting their act together and sorting it out.

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
Well said tawse. As a precaution i rang my local dealer. I told them the engine has always sounded tinny when setting of, but i am concerned the gears are a bit notchy. told em i would want someone to come out and have a drive with me. In doing thus i said i want my concern registered. Hence what you tell us is correct that Honda have identified a fault and a re- call may be 6 weeks away, i am already on board. The dealer said don't book in just come during the week best and someone will go out with ya. Ill report back when i do it.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - tawse
That is great news Brentus - so, let me get this right, your Honda dealer was aware of the problem and that Honda have said a recall is a matter of weeks away?

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Pugugly
Analysed mine today and compared it to my work Civic. Yes the gearchange is more notchy than the Civic in the CRV - but not obstructively so and what I expected from a 4WD set up. Car going for aservice soon so I may mention it.

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Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
No i think i put this over the wrong way tawse. The local dealer was not aware of any problem. When i rung them this afternoon i told them my concern's (the notchy gearing and tinny sound from engine). They said bring it in and we will get someone to have a drive with you. I said good that way i will be registering my concern's. I made the assumption to Honda weeks away from a re call on the strength of your post.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - tawse
I took my CRV to the local Swansea dealer today - oddly, the gear change was performing quite well today but I wanted it checked out. Sometimes I get home after short trips and my left arm is aching so difficult the changes have been.

The mechanic took it for a 10 minute drive and he couldn't find anything that was wrong with it, which made me feel like a chump, but he was very nice and said not to worry as often people have intermittent problems that come and go and are not always detectable. He said that as it was under warranty for basically 3 years to come that there shouldn't be a problem and to bring it back in if the problem got worse and became more frequent.

Anyhow, I showed him the thread from the CRV owners forum and he admitted that he was not aware of the problem. He said that there had been linkage problems on the early versions but these had now been sorted. He read the printout with interest and was appreciated being made aware of the problem.

He said he would contact Honda to find out what was going on and said that the more people contact them the more it would push Honda to find a solution. He said that if I did not hear from them in a fortnight to get back in touch.

Thirty minutes later he called to say that he had been in touch with Honda, that there was a known a problem and that they now had a new part which was being tested in test cars - but no date from Honda when the part would go out as they did not know yet whether it solved the problem or not.

So, have to say very pleased with the reaction from my local dealer and pleasing to know that Honda are aware of a problem and are working on it. From surfing the 'net I can see numerous posts from people complaining about this problem from more or less as soon as this model came out - somewhat glad I bought now and not in late 2006. Would have been better buying after the problem was sorted though.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Pugugly
I think there's enough evidence around to support the view that Honda are pretty good when it comes to support - certainly their motorcycle arm has a good reputation for looking after customers.

My CRV is booked in for an early doors service next month (mileage rather than age)
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
I have been told today that Honda have not acknowledged a problem with the notchy gear change. This after local dealer said they had. Has anyone had a fix for this problem. Also how long would you wait for a fix.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
Anyone had it fixed yet
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Jcoventry
Why aren't you discussing it with Honda head office directly? Dealers are usually useless - they want to sell cars, not fix them. I would file an official complaint with Honda customer services and see where it goes from there I guess.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
Why havent you registered a complaint with Honda customer servs.

Sure have dealer says Honda working on a fix. Honda cus servs dont know what your talking about no record of any problems. Many posters on this and other forums have reported to dealers and Honda. Nothing sorted as yet how long do you wait before taking legal action.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Jcoventry
I don't know, it's a tricky one. What are you planning to sue them for? There's no way they'll take the vehicle back now, its a used car. Can it be classed as "not fit for purpose"? Again its tricky, you have been using it so that tells them it can't be *that* bad. I'm not sure what would happen if you sued them over it being a manufacturing fault - you'd need some kind of proof from someone that it is definitely a fault. If they are working on a fix, then all you can do is wait I guess?

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Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
Not planning to sue them or take legal action. unless they don't come up with a fix. The issue is as i have discovered CRV owners have reported a problem with notchy gears. I noticed this too. When i went to my local dealer (that's not where i bought it from) went on test drive. They rung Honda and they acknowledged the problem and said to dealer they are working on a fix. They have said this same thing to other CRV owners. Have a look on this just this forum alone. However how long do you wait for a fix. I am now suspicious this is not happening. This partly because under sale of good act if i wanted recourse later it would be where i bought the CRV from. I wrote to them they said Honda are not aware of this problem. Its a very good tactic tell the customer what he wants to hear and do nothing they might go away. I have documentry evidence to say Honda are working on the fix from my local dealer. I am currently in discussions with Honda and this will be firmed up by mail soon (its a matter of wording dates .times etcof contact). Should i think this fix is a long time coming , i will have no problem of implementing sale of goods act. The best in this case to expect is a gear box replacement or a fix that works. You only have to peruse the net and you will see, quite a few owners have had problems. Ultimately what may be required is getting owners together to do a joint registered complaint. Now that would take some doing but possible.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - valmiki
Honda are still 'working on a fix' for the creaks coming from the rear suspension on the new Civics - and that was three years ago. Don't hold your breath!
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - ifithelps
... i will have no problem of implementing sale of goods act. The best in this case to expect is a gear box replacement or a fix that works...

Surely the car is fit for its purpose in that the stick between the front seat changes the gears?

The manner in which it works is a subjective argument, not a legal one.

Plenty of owners have complained of a notchy change, but it is fair to assume plenty more have not.

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Jcoventry
As I said, you would have great difficulty arguing its "not fit for purpose" because you have been driving and using the vehicle, which basically says you also think it is fit for purpose. If it wasn't, you wouldn't have been able to use it to any meaningful extent!
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
...Plenty of owners have complained of a notchy change, but it is fair to assume plenty have not..

'correct'. The reason for this is probably a different batch and somehow something has changed. Does this mean an individual with a gearbox that is notchy, should not raise their concerns under the sale of goods act. Its a bit like someone buying a washing machine from a manufacture who has sold say 3 million but 1 thousand have problems with lets say a bearing. Under sale of goods act they have the right to implement 'not fit for purpose'. Maybe i am wrong but if the case continues , it may have to be settled legally.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
I have spoken to the dealer where i purchased from and they say they spoke to Honda who in return they no nothing of the problem. I have also got it in writing from my local dealer that Honda are working on a fix. Who is kidding who. Another poster says its statement Honda have used before.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - ifithelps
...Does this mean an individual with a gearbox that is notchy, should not raise their concerns...


Obviously not.

I used the fact that many owners have not complained as a way of illustrating the subjective nature of a notchy gearbox.

To me, there is a problem with a 'fit for purpose' argument when lots of owners must be presumed to be happy with their car.

If the gearstick snapped in two or the gearbox blew up there would be no argument.

I wish you well getting your car sorted, but I think your best bet is to keep the dealer and Honda UK onside, rather than threatening legal action.

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Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Brentus
ifithelps. Thanks for comments, but yes that's what i am trying to do. Not issued any legal action as yet. However i say that, when clearly there is different noises coming out of the dealer where i purchased and my local dealer. I recently looked at the CRV owners club european forum and an owner there had the problem and his warranty was about to expire.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Flying Scotsman
If you want to read my experience with a CRV clutch/clunky gear change problem see the 'your views on CRV' column.
Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Pugugly
I was thinking of moving it in here FS.
Your Views on The CRV - Flying Scotsman
I have a 2008 2.0i petrol CRV. From early on it had a fairly poor first to second change. It felt like the clutch had not fully disengaged when depressing the pedal, which meant it did not come out of frist cleanly and entering second was a bit notchy. I could drive round this by changing gear very slowly. After a while it developed a clutch judder when manouvering at low revs (below 1500rpm) in first and reverse. This got gradually worse, and was most pronounced when the car was cold. This model does not have the dreaded dual mass flywheel. The dealer could not trace a fauly initially. However, I left it with them recently, and after a cold night they tried it and agreed there was something wrong. Honda agreed to the gearbox coming out and the clutch being inspected. They discovered that the driven plate was only making point contact with the flywheel, and the whole clutch assembly and flywheel were replaced (under warranty). It sound like the flywheel may have been badly machined in some way. The dealer said that Honda were very interested as they had not had a similar problem before. I wonder if other CRV flywheels have the same problem which could be leading to the notchy gearchange some of you have reported. My CRV is fine now, the judder and the clunky first second change have gone making the car much nicer to drive.
Your Views on The CRV - Brentus
Thanks for that FS. No doubt mine has not got any better in cold weather. I noticed occasionaly that it clunked in as though the clutch had not been depressed. Like yours it appears to be 1st and 2nd gears. Mine is diesal .
Clunky gearchange and clutch slipping - Rog C

My CRV has had a terrible 1st to 2nd gearchange since i picked it up, dealer says no worse / better than others. However recently the clutch started slipping on full throttle at 1750 to 2000 rpm. Clutch replaced under warrantee, there is a fault see the civic forums for details. On getting the car back the gearchange was improved, however after a 1000 miles it's back to the same clunky difficult changes. The dealer is aware, but says Honda as yet do not have a fix. Anyone know anything different, something I can quote to the dealer ?.


Clunky gearchange and clutch slipping - Brentus

Hi Rog.

Yes i have took this further. After contacting Honda HQ. They in turn contacted the selling dealer and servicing dealer. As i have previously posted, both differ in their response,s.

Honda came back and had the audacity to tell me the fix they are working on is not what was wrong with mine. In the next breath they told me my car drives like all others.

In other words tret me with total contempt. They said go have it checked at another Honda dealer. This after i have it in writing they acknowledged the problem. They must think i am some form of idiot.

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - Gandalf

I bought my CRV a few months ago (2007 model with 30K on the clock) took it back to dealer a few weeks later clunky gearbox service dept tells me it's ok... not happy with this reply so looked for and found this and many other sites where buyers have without exception similar complaints.

18th Feb 2013 phoned honda uk and spoke to a lady in customer relations (Denitsa)she confirmed that our conversation was recorded. I explained my concerns and asked whether Honda uk were aware of this problem she assured me that she would contact the service dept and get back to me in a couple of days. I pointed out to her it would only take a few minutes to confirm whether honda uk knew and that I would appreciate a call back by the end of today.

20th Feb 2013 phoned honda uk again spoke to a lady in customer relations and asked to be transferred to the customer relations manager's (Phil Dix) pa. A lady named Laura answered (who was not Phil Dix's pa) I again explained my concerns and was assured that she would look into it.. here we go again.. on this occasion I insisted on being put through to David Hodgett's (MD Honda uk) pa. Helen Smart answered the (she actually was David Hodgett's pa) I explained it all again and asked for Takanobu Ito's (the big cheese) phone number in Tokyo.. neither she nor David Hodgett had it told her to get Hodgett to find it and ring me back

That afternoon at 15:03 Laura (remember her) rang me back and confirmed that Honda UK are aware of the gearbox problem as are their dealership garages.

28th Feb 2013 rang the garage that sold me the CRV told the service manager about my conversations with Honda UK and asked why the Salesman had withheld this information from me as it deprived me of my rights to make an informed decision, whether or not to buy the vehicle. That decision should have been based on the facts and with the full knowledge of all known problems with the vehicle. The service manager felt it was unrealistic to expect salesmen to read every scrap of paper sent out by Honda UK .. I pointed out to him that it would have been his responsibility as well as the owners responsibility to ensure that their salesmen were fully aware of all such issues. As I type this the service manager is allegedly trying to contact "Laura" ay Honda UK

Will let you know whar happens

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Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - BigNorm

Anyone got an update on this thread? Same issue on my 2.2 2009....

Clunky gear change - Honda admits problem? - BigNorm

I live near a Honda dealership, but I don't know whether to bother going down, as the vehicle was bought privately, and, that my CRV is 2009.

Can anyone guide on a 'best way forward' please? Thanks


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