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Hello all,

I am looking at buying a Honda Accord CTDi or 2.0i Vtec. At the moment, I am looking at the touring so I can fit my full size mountain bike inside.

I dont want a rear rack or roof bars as I want to leave it locked in a car when I am camping etc.

What I would like to know is if anyone has managed to get a mountain bike in a Honda Accord saloon? Wheels and seat stem can come off and I am thinking more about folding the seats down rather than fitting into the boot....does anyone have any ideas if this is feasible?


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Mountain Bike in a Honda Accord Saloon - Statistical outlier
I suspect it will come down to the size of the aperture. I routinely put two bikes plus luggage in the boot of my old shape Accord Tourer with the seats up - removing the pedals makes a remarkable difference in how much space they take up. They will go in with just the front whel removed if you drop the seats down.

I'd suggest you get your bike really clean (maybe just remove the chain?) and get yourself down to a Honda dealer. There's nothing like trying it yourself...
Mountain Bike in a Honda Accord Saloon - Lygonos
With the wheels off, the only tricky bit will be the handlebars when turned 90degrees - this may make the frame too long, but I would think it'll fit easily with the seat folded down.

With the wheels off, I think you may find it will fit behind the driver/passenger seat too.

(that's for the saloon - the tourer can eat it easily).

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Mountain Bike in a Honda Accord Saloon - BB
Thanks Guys,

I know it fits into a civic (Im mightily impressed with the folding seats on the civic) with the seats down but wasn't sure about the accord. The only real way is to try it or see if anyone else has!!!! The frame with bars thro 90 deffo fits length ways into the civic so I guess that the accord is fine too.

I dont mind the tourer but as Im buying used, I could probably get a newer / lower mileage car if I went for a saloon rather than a tourer. Even more so if i go for the vtec rather than the cdti.
Mountain Bike in a Honda Accord Saloon - BB
Just to tie this up. I have bought an 04 CDTi saloon with 60k on with a years Honda warranty. Will be picking it up next week sometime.

Cheers guys.