C15 00 109 Diesel Gearbox oil - corblimeyguvnar
Done a silly thing, was going to change engine oil on the C15d but inadvertently drained the gearbox oil, wrong sump plug.
My question being after I have bought 2 litres og transmission oil, how do I get it back in the gearbox, cant find a 'cap' or anything obvious to pour it into. Boy do I feel silly.
Any help would be gratefully received. Quicker the better, before SWMBO gets home and laughs her bottom off.

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00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - Peter D
How did you know which oil to purchase. Call citroen before they close as ask the workshop forman, if they are open on a saturday morning. It is often a tapered threaded large plug on many cars, but do not guess as you could cause a fatal problem in the box if you remove the wrong bolt/plug. Try here :
Regards Peter

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00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - corblimeyguvnar
Cheers Peter
After getting the oil from the motor factors (looked in their oil bible for the correct one), I was looking at the engine in a vague manor when a young chap walked past, asked what I was doing so I owned up. And incredibly lucky for me he is a mechanic for Mann and should me exactly what to do, I owe that lad a pint or two, and all done before the boss gets home, tidy.
Thanks for the help though, now I have another forum to check out too.

00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - bell boy
a little knowledge as they say ;-)
00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - corblimeyguvnar
Oh yes, that'll teach me to try an oil change with a hangover.

An IT person at work once said something along the 'a little knowledge' line about me but they werent so subtle, apparantly giving me a laptop is like giving a baby a hand grenade with the pin out, not fair, I only deleted the C drive, twice!
00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - RichardW
I hope the oil was 75W-80 - 'normal' gear box oil (85w 90) is too thick and 'ruins' the gearchange, and can wreck the synchros.....

Mistaking the gearbox for the engine is some hangover.....!

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00 109 C15 Diesel Gearbox oil - corblimeyguvnar
Yes it was 75w-80, thanks to the local motor factors oil bible.
And yes it was one helluva hangover!